[US]Clover Defenders Halloween Kick-off Recruiting Operation


Today we logged on to Iceberg for a semi-quick recruiting operation. Here we ended up making a lot of friends and had a big Halloween party at the berg. It was so fun for people, we ended up getting some really great tactics. I haven’t seen brand new recruits in a big group do tactics with this much precision, so this was pretty nice to see. We maxed about 19 and averaged a solid 17-18. This was a very good ending to the month of September 2016 and the week of our 10th anniversary. Collectively, we should all look back on this month in history as a very well accomplished one.

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Edwin Appreciation Day (EAD) – October 8th, 2016 –

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Hey there ACP, a vast majority of you may not know of me, and that’s quite alright. However, those who do recognize my name already know that I am the creator of AR and a long-time friend of ACP.

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Poll of the week #2/10 Year Trivia #6


Day 6! We have reached the finish line!

The rules are simple so pay close attention and do good.  The first three people to answer the question correctly will be given 3, 2, or 1 point(s) respectively. The person with the most points at the end of the competition will get temp owner and 40 xats, second price will get temp mod and 20 xats, finally third prize will get just 10 xats. Read all that? Good now time for the question!


After 5 long years and 6 months as ACP leader lord Sidie decided that it was time for his odyssey to conclude. Sidie left the army with an amazing legacy he NEVER returned. Sidie had to face much hardship during his leadership such as the infamous Trader multi logging scandal. What division was Sidie leader of and what day did he retire?

Now time for the poll of the week! Last week we determined that Edwin was the most popular owner by twice as much of the second most popular (big surprise), this week to honor the coming of October I am going to ask a distinctly Halloweeny question. What is your favourite monster? Vote in the poll below.


Thank you for your time -Chuck Falay (temp 3ic)

[AUSIA]Clover Defenders Recruiting Session results –CP Army

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September Promotions

Happy Birthday ACP

We’ve created history again

Wishing ACP a Happy Birthday from AR

Ten Years of ACP; Rolling in the double digits


Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, the AUSIA division had an unscheduled recruiting session on Blizzard, Berg where we carved the pumpkin with some rouges. We managed to max thirteen, carry on reading for pictures. Make sure to check site later on for the times of the AUSIA reunion tomorrow for the 10th anniversary!

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September Promotions!

Salutations everyone!

With the beginning of the school year and the fluctuations in the community, it’s been a really interesting month. We went both ways on the Top Ten and different things happened as the days went on. Most notably, we started our ACP family reunion in alignment with the time of the 10th anniversary of ACP’s birthday! 

Despite the sudden drops in activity here and there, we pulled through with true might. At the reunion/birthday party, we had almost 30 on chat the whole day and at the peak about 5 messages per second on chat. It was a truly incredible day, just as it was 10 years ago. Collectively, I think this month was a HUGE success. Now that we are out of the first month of school, most people have adjusted, and thus it should be a much smoother rest of the season.

♣  ♣  And now, I present to you, the SEPTEMBER 2016 PROMOTIONS!  ♣  ♣

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