Edwin Appreciation Day (EAD) – October 8th, 2016 –

Important Posts:

Hey there ACP, a vast majority of you may not know of me, and that’s quite alright. However, those who do recognize my name already know that I am the creator of AR and a long-time friend of ACP.

So anyways, after weeks of deliberation and careful decision-making, Mch and I along with the help of Shab have decided to create a new ACP holiday 8-). This holiday is called Edwin Appreciation Day (EAD for short). So what do we do during this glorious holiday? Well, we celebrate Edwin’s leadership. Over the past several months Edwin has tirelessly fought a multitude of enemies, rivals, and simply people he just doesn’t agree with about some things. Such people include: ISIS, Badboy, Elm, Commando, Madonna, Mustapha, Mondo (On occasion), Gar, Meta, Bam, Trader, Maxy, Ronnoc, Chip, Edwin’s mom, Edwin’s sister, Chuck when his computer is broken, Fluffy when his computer is broken, Zoomey when his computer is broken, Zags when his computer is broken, DMT when his computer is broken, Dj when his computer is broken, me when my computer is broken, Atticus, Jodie probably idk, Lolly, Tacodaily, Memmaw, Greeny, Wheelo, Camper, sometimes Kevin I guess, Mch sometimes, Yank sometimes, Sai, Hitler, Basebal or basebalk whatever the hell his name is, Brigade, Ebola, etc.

The list goes on forever my friends, but Edwin fights against these individuals incessantly on a daily basis to ensure our safety. To thank Edwin for his remarkable efforts and achievements, we’d like to dedicate this holiday to him. Now let’s go over the agenda. (Side note, if you’ve ever seen the Festivus episode of Seinfeld then you’ll recognize that some events are similar).

First, we will begin the day of Saturday, October 8th with what we like to call The Airing of Grievances. Now, what do we do for this momentous event? Well, whenever Edwin comes online and we are all sitting on ACP chat praising him, he will commence this event at his leisure. When Edwin commences the event, we will gather around chat and listen to him. During this time, he will sit on chat and tell every person on the chat at the time something he DOESN’T like about them. Once he has told every single person on the chat something he doesn’t like, then we will move onto the next event.

Next, we will sit on chat for the marvelous Edwin Feast, during this gathering we will dine on a wonderful dinner comprised of Edwin’s favorite dishes. This event will last for as long as Edwin pleases.

Lastly, immediately after the feast, the holiday will not end until Edwin wrestles out the head of the household. The head of the household was going to be Shab, but he will unfortunately be busy that day. Instead, the head will be whoever the highest authority on ACP other than Edwin himself is. This can be the most respected ACP legend on at the time or Mondo. Once Edwin successfully wrestles them out, Edwin Appreciation Day will end. We hope you will all be able to attend.


8 Responses

  1. We should probably log on at some point as well.

  2. “On occasion” ? wary

  3. who’s this guy ???

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