Heatin’ it Up

Great job everyone. I am very proud of what we have accomplished on this great day.

We have returned to the top 3. As long as we keep in the game, we will continue to rise.

This is only the beginning.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving/ Poll of the week #3

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Hello ACP, Today in this glorious week in the DRACP we have achieved 3rd on the top ten and they only included half of our events. 5 years ago tomorrow our Lord Kenneth1000 made a post about Canadian Thanksgiving. Coincidentally I am also Canadian, so in return to Kenneth I say  happy Thanksgiving! I hope that any other Canadians in the army have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and remember to eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.

Now time for the poll of the week. Last time I only got 13 votes which was a bit disappointing but no sweat. This week I want to know your favourite Club Penguin Halloween party. Cast your vote below!


Thank you for your time -Chuck Falay (temp 3ic)