The First And The Last @ACParmy @ACParmy2 @ClubPenguin

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As coming back from my very long unnoticed inactive. It is now realized to many people, that armies are definitely at a end point. So this is a short little message to everyone in the ACP. To all owners, mods and members, and members of the POG, etc. The Army of Club Penguin is the first army made onto Club Penguin, and no matter what, we must be the last to survive into the game, despite or small amounts in size, and active. And our lower score onto the Top ten leader board.

We carry out a history in Club Penguin bigger than any other army, known to the community. And the matter how much this army has changed over the years, in leadership, organization, and more. We still share the same potential, through out the years, the ACP has been around. We were the first to server Club Penguin for a full 10 years (btw happy birthday to this wonderful army) and as it is in view, that the end is near, we must do EVERYTHING we can to stay active out on the field, on a daily basic. And no matter how difficult recruiting is now, we have to do everything in mind to get more people into the army. At any cost. Recruiting from twitter, or whatever, we have to do something now, instead of doing nothing at all, because when we do nothing, that is a ticket to the army’s death.

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