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Hey ACP.

I decided something to make CPA interesting  by these stories of the members in this community, we can make our place a better one. By sending your stories starting today, 5 stories will feature and posted in the site every weekend.

How To Apply

To apply fill in this application form in the comments below:

  1. What’s your name?
  2.  *Optional* Link to your story (you can comment your story below in the comments)



*No curse include in your story, because I want the readers to realize that our community is a positive and meaningful one too!

*Make your story meaningful, something the readers can learn from it.

*600 words maximum!

*Anyone can join.

*Fiction only.

Remember. 5 stories will only be featured! Your stories can be a big help to this project. I wish you good luck to all.

-Rockstar1819, ACP 5ic.


Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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