ACP Army: Halloween Celebratory Schedule


I’m sure some of you remember the post a few weeks ago regarding special events that are expected to take place in celebration of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. As of now we are less than a week away from Halloween night, and I think it’s time to crank up the fun this month. Click “Continue Reading” to view the schedule for Halloween!

halloween party33Halloween-Party1

Alright, first order of business is the ACP Costume Gathering & Contest on CP. This will essentially be an event where we all log on to a server and gather with our favorite costumes and hang out on both chat and CP. Then we will have a contest where participants will be viewed by judges. 1st place will be awarded temp owner on chat for 3 hours and X(undetermined) xats, 2nd place will be awarded temp owner for 2 hours and X(undetermined) xats, and 3rd place will be awarded temp owner for 1 hour and X(undetermined) xats. The amount of xats will be kept secret until the costume winners are determined. It’s going to be really fun, so don’t miss out!

This all takes place on the 30th of October @ 8pm EST. All specifications are subject to change without notice, so be prepared and check the site for updates!

Next order of business is ACP’s Halloween Movie Night. In order to determine what we will be watching, we’ll need everyone’s input in a poll. So without further ado, here it is:



The link to the cast will be posted on the ACP site for everyone near the start of the movie night. This will take place on the 31st of Ocotber @ 8pm EST!

Hope everyone can make these events, as they’re going to be two days full of fun. Let me know of any other movies or shows that were not included in the poll in the comments!


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