“Your Funeral” – Message to Teutons @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin

So the Teutons, believe they’re the ones who will actually have the chance of ending the great ACP – Army of Club Penguin, that in the past, many armies, armies that were at great size, sizes that Teutons would/will never have. But guess what? Those armies failed as many times as they have tried. So Brigade, you use to be my friend, and etc. But now you just reached high maximum of stupidity. Let me ask you a question, out of all the major armies in the past and present that tried to “destroy” ACP, such as S.W.A.T, Nachos, Dark Warriors, Light Troops, R.P.F, and UMA, and many more. Out of all those armies that tried to end this great army, and failed. What gives you the idea, that Teutons, a army that started recent, sometime this year or last year (i dont even know nor care) can end us?

And also. “Imagine CPA without ACP” well Brigade, without ACP, CP armies, would of probably never existed at all, in the Club Penguin community, knowing we were the first army ever organized onto the game. And also, unlike you guys, and many other armies. We been alive through out the game, since we ever started. So we’re not only the first army, but the ever long lasting army. Our history, our potential, is greater than most of the other armies.

So let me ask you Brigade, how is a 1-2 year old army, led by a over thinking child with a wild imagination, that thinks things will happen, and at the first thought, with out giving it some more thinking, is gonna “destroy” a army that has been around for 10 years?? Huh??

Let alone, you declared war on RPF, and other armies. And also with Golds, when yet y’all just got done with a war, not too long ago, and made up a peace treaty. That my friend, is disloyalty. If it’s any army that will die, it will be Teutons, because not only you guys are disloyal to your allies, or with peace treaties. But you guys are just straight up stupid little kids, that does little so thinking, then make a move, on the first thought. People that does that ends up failing badly, and end up on the “LOL pages” in other armies, or be on the Hall of Shame pages, etc.

People like you that makes moves like this and fails, gets made fun of, and then you decide you don’t want to be made fun of, change your name and start all over in the CPA community and etc. Or you just feel like you’re being so cyber bullied, that you quit.

You really made a mistake, my old friend. And if it’s war you want, then it’s war you’ll get. And there is no backing out, and once it’s over and once you realized you truly f-ed up, don’t come crying, or start raging. Because you brought it all onto yourself.

You were once my friend, Brigade. When I let you lead NCP – Navy of CP, I thought you was cool, but now you’re just straight up stupid.

Have a nice defeat, Teutons,


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[UK] Successful Invasion of Glacier

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Greetings, ACP.  The UK division have just successfully invaded Glacier from the Teutons who didn’t bother showing up despite the 24 hour notice on our site – not sure how you can expect to win a war if you don’t even bother actually attending defences and scheduling invasions but hey I’m not moaning! For the start of the event we logged on to Plaza where we got our biggest sizes before moving to Berg for a U-Lead. 

We maxed around 18 in this event which is a huge improvement from the past few weeks where we’ve been struggling to get even 10 on. Carry on reading for pictures (I refreshed chat before getting anybody’s pictures so if there’s a picture with perfect tactics I’ve missed out or something pc me).

1 down, 10 to go


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