[US] Raid of Great White

All of our event results for this week (for whoever does the bio)

AUSIA Training Session

[UK] Successful Invasion of Glacier

UK Quick Tactic Session

AUSIA Unscheduled U-Lead

UK Raid of Teutons’ capital

UK Unscheduled Event on Breeze


Hello ACP, On this lovely night the forces of the great ACP army raided the savages known as Tuetons. This was successful raid where we maxed a sweet 15. Tactics were excellent (although a few could have used improvements) and I believe we all had a rip roaring good time. Carry on for pictures and leave a comments if you were there.




Thank you for your time -Chuck Pro (perm temp 3ic)

2 Responses

  1. First, you should of included the caption under the sonic image. Right now it makes no sense!

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