The Breeze Battles [SIGN-UPS]

Hey ACP!

Welcome, to the Breeze Battles.

NOTE: Only current or former ACP are allowed to join.

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[US] Quick Training on Breeze

Important Post to Read:

Events of the Week[November 27th-December 3rd]

Recruiting Event on Blizzard! [US]

Poll of the Week #7


Hello ACP, Today we the glorious ACP logged on for a speedy training on Breeze. We maxed an  awful 8.  Guys… this is not except able, it is Wednesday and this is our first non-recruiting! I am going to make a post which goes into greater detail about this issue soon but for now pay attention: When you seen a planned event on the schedule and you are just hanging around, or even worse hanging around on chat do us all a favour and just bloody well log on. Anyway tactics were decent but we only got one picture because I was too dumb to take any and DMT’s computer crashed. Comment if you were there.



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Recruiting Event on Blizzard! [US]

Hey ACP!

Today we helped the Golds with an event.  In return they helped us at a recruiting event!  With them and our troops, we were able to recruit very well on Blizzard.  Chuck and I lead this event.  Thank you to all the Golds who helped out!

Max: 19 (Hard to count) Average: 16-17

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Events of the Week[November 27th-December 3rd]

events winter


All dates and times are subject to change. Make sure you constantly check the schedule for any updates or additions.

Today’s Events

**Prizes available for ALL events today!**

UK Training & Game Night

When: 3rd December

Server: Breeze


9 pm GMT

 4 pm EST

3 pm CST

2 pm MST

1 pm PST


US Training & Game Night

When: 3rd December

Server: Breeze


 9 pm EST

8 pm CST

7 pm MST

6 pm PST

2 am GMT


AUSIA Training & Game Night

When: 3rd December

Server: TBA


5:30 pm IST

8 pm Manila



12 pm GMT

7 am EST


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Poll of the Week #7

Hello ACP,  My dear friends last week was Thanksgiving to many of you. I love Thanksgiving, it is delicious, oh and I get to spend a ton of time with me family… yeah!    So I must ask what do you like about Thanksgiving? I look forward to your answers.


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CPANN Stuffling Showdown Results

Event Results for the Week:

Greetings, ACP. Earlier on we competed in CPANN’s Stuffling showdown tournament on Alpine; straight away we allied up with the Army Republic to aid each other against armies such as Wild Ninjas, Thugs and Nachos. We were a mixture of white and green as we performed the same tactical moves as each other with AR being crowned the winners overall of the tournament. With AR we maxed around 16/17 on Club Penguin.  Carry on reading for some pictures of the tournament


The map showing which army took which room

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[US] Late Night Training

Hello ACP, First off you are probably wondering, “No important post to read, I am furious!” Well Zags I am tired and I didn’t want to bother tonight. Anyway we decided to log on for some training on breeze. Our chat size was small and it took a while to warm up but we eventually got enough people on and our tactics were on fleek. We maxed 11 and averaged 1o. Leave a comment if you were there, goodnight everyone.


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CPANN Stuffling Showdown Times

❗ Stuffling Showdown !:

Rewards such as temp owners, xats, days, powers, choice of event if we win

When: Saturday 26th November

Server: Alpine


8:00 pm GMT

3:00 pm EST

2:00 pm CST

1:00 pm MST

12:00 pm  PST


Awesome Christmas Igloos #1


Considering how it’s now under a month away from Christmas for many of us, as well as the winter season being in full swing, I thought it would be interesting to check out some of the igloos others have created on Club Penguin. In each post, I’ll add pictures of 7 different igloos. This series is also not on a fixed schedule.
Generally speaking, I’ve seen some pretty amazing igloos before, and there’s a lot of winter themed ones that are especially extravagant, some that are just cozy. and some that are just appealing or cool. One thing I’ve always enjoyed and respected about many igloos is that the creators use visual tricks to create certain things. A lot of times I’ve seen people take advantage of the 2-dimensional environment as well as the actual items themselves. By doing this, some really impressive displays come to life.
But don’t simply take my word for it–check it out for yourself! Just to kick it off, I’ve also decided to embed some really beautiful Atmospheric Black Metal that happens to give off a winter feeling.
Thoughts on the music and the pictures in the comments!

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Thank You

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