UK U-Lead on Breeze

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UK Invasion of Bubblegum Results

October Promotions

Greetings, ACP. Today the UK division logged on for a U-Lead on Breeze; this event was led by a multitude of mods and members who came up with some pretty sarcastic word tactics as you’ll see below. We maxed eleven in this event, make sure to carry on reading for pictures of the event.


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October 2016 Promotions

Credit to Dmt ❤

This month has been one quite literally filled with high and lows however there have been a multitude of troops who have stuck through the lows to see the recent highs of this month – from going to 2nd on SMAC to 3rd on CPAC in a week due to the hard work of soldiers. I hope we carry on to see the success of last week carrying on into November.

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