Re-intro: Honoured to be here once more

I’ll bet you know me for a while now or no, depends that if you don’t know me or not. I’ll be happy to introduce myself then. For a quite while, I have been in this army for 2 years straight with one year of retirement, I’ve returned from the shadows to shine the brightest clover yet. When I am here, there will be no such thing as desperation and darkness. This future will be bright, the leaves will sing with the wind once more.

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[VIDEO]Club Penguin: 11th Anniversary by @CPWorldYT || @clubpenguin @ACPArmy

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Video By CP World

Your Newest US 3ic

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Hello ACP, So it has finally happened, I am proud to announce that I am the newest 3ic in the ACP ownership. Weren’t you already 3ic Chuck?  That is a good question Zags, but no I was a temp, however now that am official I felt to the need to make a post about it. Before I continue I first make an oath to the army so my allegiances are known.

I Charles (Chuck) Pro Falay,  hereby promise my loyalty to the Army of Club Penguin, Super Edwin, and the holy Oagalthorp. I shall devote my time to make sure Master Edwin’s needs are suited, and if I am in a position where I can not fulfill my duties I shall leave post haste. May god defend the ACP for another 10 years.

So everyone there you have it, me swearing in, now time for the fun (not really) stuff. Edwin didn’t promote me for nothing, I have a job to do. Ladies and Gentlemen lets make the ACP US division one of the best in armies again, sure it isn’t a great time for armies and we all know this but lets not give up hope. I can’t do this alone I am going to need everyone and thing we got, but I know you guys won’t let me down and we will make the ACP great again. If we all stick together and don’t give up hope then I am sure we will be force to be reckoned with in no time.

Below are a few pictures of events that I have led at, these sizes and tactics are in arms reach, so lets grab them.

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AUSIA Joint Event with Thugs-Unsched

Hey ACP,

Edit: To prevent any confusion in sizes, the max was actually 12 when we had this event with Thugs

I was unable to do much in the event because of the lag, but good thing my fellow comrades was able to lead this carefully in the end. I asked Poseidon for this amazing and good thing it turned out to be good… Now, this is the results!

We and with the Thugs managed to get 12 on CP and average 5-6 atleast. Good job to both! Thanks for Pengs too!

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