Re-intro: Honoured to be here once more

I’ll bet you know me for a while now or no, depends that if you don’t know me or not. I’ll be happy to introduce myself then. For a quite while, I have been in this army for 2 years straight with one year of retirement, I’ve returned from the shadows to shine the brightest clover yet. When I am here, there will be no such thing as desperation and darkness. This future will be bright, the leaves will sing with the wind once more.

A little bio myself:

I joined the Army of Club Penguin in Dec 2013 without any knowledge back then, I was one of those little noobs. In July 2014, I had my first event as a private from a UK/AUS event. When Flipmoo had to retire, I decided why not to try leading the division then? I scratched and clawed on my to the owner lists. In Dec 2014, I finally got 3ic for the first time after being loyal for a while and lead for 5-6 months with my follow troops and the rest of the family.When school was about to start I decided to retire at June 2015,  but I wasn’t much online from then because of a broken laptop and I had to borrow my cousin’s computer to get online sometimes… The rest are history.

For now:

I, hereby, declare the era of:

Redesign.Rebuild.Reclaim Period for AUSIA and for the rest of ACP then…


The era of change that will shine upon begins now with a simple smile to our folks and we will fight the hatred once more. And yes I adopted Seth Rollin’s phrase as campaign for this new era

Oh yeah, peace out.

Likewise, Rockstar1819. ACP Ausia 3ic.


2 Responses

  1. Make AUSIA great again Rockstar.

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