Poll of the Week #4

Hello ACP,  I am here to bring you the latest poll of the week. “What about the last three weeks,”  Uhh, UHH AFK STORE! Anyway with most of the year behind us I though it would be nice to give a little nod to the Halloween season which just flew right by us, so my question for you this week is: How was your Halloween? Vote in the poll below.

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ACP VS Nachos Results! [Champions Cup]

Hey ACP!

Well, I don’t really know how to explain what happened.  Good job to Nachos though.  But anyway, there was no room change and 1 judge.  When we went to get the results, the games master said it was a tie and there would be no overtime.  Then he went to go watch X-Factor.  So I don’t really know if we won or not, but we did really well!

Max: 17 || Average: 16

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[US] Training on Breeze

Mondo’s Edit:  For the amount of people on chat today, we should have had double this size. Think of that as something to work on in the future, because everyone can contribute in some way.

Event Results for the week:

UK Invasion of North Pole

AUSIA Joint Event with Thugs-Unsched

UK Practice Battle with Golds





Salutation ACP,  this night we had a training session on Breeze. We maxed a size of 11, and tactics were solid. Unfortunately I only got one good picture. Remember to leave a comment if you were there and keep up the good work!

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Long Overdue Introduction Post

WELL UH.. I kinda joined a while ago but I forgot about making this tee-hee.

Who is Doctor Mine Turtle?  What is Doctor Mine Turtle?  How is Doctor Mine Turtle?  When is Doctor Mine Turtle?  Why is Doctor Mine Turtle?  Where is Doctor Mine Turtle?

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