[US] Training on Breeze

Mondo’s Edit:  For the amount of people on chat today, we should have had double this size. Think of that as something to work on in the future, because everyone can contribute in some way.

Event Results for the week:

UK Invasion of North Pole

AUSIA Joint Event with Thugs-Unsched

UK Practice Battle with Golds





Salutation ACP,  this night we had a training session on Breeze. We maxed a size of 11, and tactics were solid. Unfortunately I only got one good picture. Remember to leave a comment if you were there and keep up the good work!


Thank you for your time -Chuck Falay (3ic)

One Response

  1. Mondo if aren’t going to show up to an event the don’t criticize it, although in this case I agree. AND DO NOT TOUCH MY SHAMEFUL!

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