Important Quarter Final battle vs Wild Ninjas on 13th November @2pm EST

Important Tournament Battle vs Wild Ninjas

Temp owners/powers will be given out if we advance into the semi-finals of this tournament along with a games night after the tournament battle if we win. Make sure to comment below if you can attend this important tournament. 



[US] Trumptastic Election Training

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UK Tactic Session

Last US Event Before Election Day! [We’re Fricked America!!]

Poll of the Week #4


Hello ACP,  Tonight on this glorious (terrifying) election night the US division decided to log on for quick training that went fabulously. We maxed a maxed a tender 20, and averaged an amazing 19. Big thanks to my pal Doctor Mine Turtle for leading so many tactics and hyping this through the roof, I was going to let him add his own section to this, but it was a bit redundant so I will summarize,” I WILL MAKE ACP GREAT AGAIN. WE WILL BUILD A WALL AND KEEP ALL THE TEUTONS OUT. WE NEED A STRONG, MALE LEADER, WHO CAN STAND UP TO RPF!. We all worked hard and our tactics were outstanding because of it. Leave a comment if you were there and carry on for more pictures.


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UK Tactic Session

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Events for the Week

Greetings, ACP. Despite the political debates going off on chat about a certain election we managed to find some time to log on Breeze for a rather quick tactic session where we maxed 10 ; let’s hope that as the Army of Politics Army of Club Penguin we can max more next time instead of bashing each other. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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