Capncook’s Official Return to the Army of Club Penguin

Yes everyone, you read the title correctly. It’s time I do something I should’ve done a long, LONG time ago…

JUST KIDDING! I’m not actually coming back, don’t worry. But the title must’ve frightened a few people. I had the chance to log on to a US event on Veterans Day where we managed to pull a decent 15+ penguin maximum! Good job to everyone who attended! Here’s some of the highlights:

We start out with a modest line with a few jokes. Always fun!

We stacked on either side of the town and barraged the other side with snowballs. That’s a real blast from the past!

Another solid line!

ACP’s reaction when Trump wins the election.

We did a puffle waterfall. For some reason it ended up being in low quality.

Another line in low quality. At least this one was diagonal!

For anyone who doesn’t get this reference. It’s because former ACP Leader, Legend, and CPAC Legend, Boomer20 used to put an afro on his penguin (He had one in real life, too).


Classic clovers to end the night! 🙂

Happy Veterans Day everyone! Remember to thank a Veteran for their service.


9 Responses

  1. I attended. Ily Capn ❤

  2. I was there. I am kind of curious what Capn did that was so bad now.

  3. Capncook Regime activated.

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