Veterans Day / Remembrance Day


On this November 11th, 2016, we remember and respect all the fallen soldiers who gave their lives and those who are currently placing their lives on the line to protect their country, its people, and what it stands for. We owe a great deal to these brave soldiers, because without them, we would not be here today.

In their memories and out of respect, I strongly encourage everyone to strive to become more educated about what your country’s soldiers do to protect YOU, so there is little ignorance left to stir in this world. In their memories and out of respect, we should also strive to become devoted citizens of the world by eradicating arrogance and ignorance in all forms from this world. We should strive to become role models for the future generations by treating each other with respect and having tolerance for all people.

We must learn that it is fine to have your own opinions, but it is unacceptable to hold those opinions against someone, especially if they are escalated. Only when we realize and understand this, will we be able to begin eliminating the terror and violence that plagues this world.


From the Army of Club Penguin to the world,

Thank you to those who’ve  served,
and Happy Veterans Day.


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  1. Lest we forget.

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