We’re 2nd On The Top Tens’ – Can We Get 1st? @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

Today the CPAC – Top Tens’ were posted out onto their website, and the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) has appeared on the 2nd place! Right under RPF, who has appeared 1st once again. (not surprising) We have had a good week, but let’s see if we can do better, and regain our primary spot, we struggled to achieve for quite some time now, and get 1st onto the Top Tens’ once again.

In order to be able to achieve this goal, the ACP is gonna need EVERYONE as active as they can, and attend as many events as possible. And we’re gonna need to have more recruiting session, on popular servers, and get in more recruits.

As both the Club Penguin and Club Penguin Army community is slowly dying out, A lot of the small armies are getting into the CPAC Top Tens’ and is made easier for them to rise up quickly in it. And as you see in the picture of the current Top Ten, we are not that far away from the RPF. So for next week, we’re gonna need to work extra hard, have more events, and have EVERYONE as active as they can be, and more recruiting sessions, as possible. In order for the ACP to reach their main goal, and achieve something that was struggled to reach for quite sometimes, now. And that is to get back into the top number one spot, in the Top Tens, and in the Club Penguin community, as the number one army, ACP has been known too, for the long period of time, since it was created.

Let’s regain our title, and work together to make the ACP great again. I believe we can do it, and i’m sure all of you, believe in it as well. So let’s make it happen!


Until Now,


Advancing into the Semi-Finals

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Greetings, ACP. Well done, guys!  We’ve advanced into the Semi Finals after beating Wild Ninjas in the Quarter final with 2 out of 3 judges voting for us; this was a fun battle and hopefully we’ll have chance to battle Wild Ninjas in the future. We maxed 22 in this event with an average of around 20-21 and as a reward two people were granted temp owner for 24 hours. Carry on reading if you want to see pictures of the event.


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ACP Events Schedule

Edit: UK Events have been added to this.

Hello ACP,  First off DMT and I are going to be scheduling most of your USA events from now on. Recently we have undergone quite the rise in sizes and event quality, so much so that we got 2nd on the top ten this week. 1st is in our grasp soldiers, We just have to reach out and get it! Anyway here are the events for this week, if Edwin would like to unsticky this or add them to the UK event schedule then all power to him. Leave a comment to which ones you can attend.

Monday November 14th

What: Training

Where: Breeze

When:  1:30am GMT, 9:30pm AST, 8:30pm EST, 7:30pm CST, 6:30pm MST, 5:30pm PST

Tuesday Nov. 15th

What: UK Practice Battle vs Nachos

Where: Fjord

When: 9pm GMT, 4pm EST, 3pm CST, 2pm MST, 1pm PST

What:  US U-Lead

Where: Breeze

When:  1:30am GMT, 9:30pm AST, 8:30pm EST, 7:30pm CST, 6:30pm MST, 5:30pm PST

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Poll of the Week #5

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Important Quarter Final battle vs Wild Ninjas on 13th November @2pm EST

ACP AUSIA Event Schedule

The Story of the Remembrance Poppy

Veterans Day / Remembrance Day


Hello ACP,  I’ve noticed that in all of my polls I have asked questions that require a pretty specific answer, so this week I am asking something a little more broad. All you have to do is tell me your favourite sport. I put down most of the common answers but encase I missed anything just let me know and write in your own answer. Happy voting!


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ACP AUSIA Event Schedule

Hey ACP,

Rockstar here!

The “Redesign.Rebuild.Reclaim” campaign is a go, for those who don’t know what it is, I will explain then. This campaign is for the revival of AUSIA and for the whole ACP basically. I am now gonna get serious about this and since Christmas is coming, I am going to implement these events for the season. Without further ado, the schedule.


BREAK DAY- Enjoy your rest for now…


N/A, Possible Unsched


N/A, Unsched


N/A, Unsched


N/A, Unsched


7:00 pm PHT, 5:30 pm IST,  6:00 AM CST, 4:OO AM PST, 7:00 AM EST,  5:00 AM MST


7:00 pm PHT, 5:30 pm IST,  6:00 AM CST, 4:OO AM PST, 7:00 AM EST,  5:00 AM MST

A little warning:

If your name is listed, it means it is possible you’ll getting the risk of getting demotion:


Army Agent






This is just a warning, not a real demotion. Remember that!

For now…

~Rockstar1819, ACP Ausia 3ic