Awesome Christmas Igloos #1


Considering how it’s now under a month away from Christmas for many of us, as well as the winter season being in full swing, I thought it would be interesting to check out some of the igloos others have created on Club Penguin. In each post, I’ll add pictures of 7 different igloos. This series is also not on a fixed schedule.
Generally speaking, I’ve seen some pretty amazing igloos before, and there’s a lot of winter themed ones that are especially extravagant, some that are just cozy. and some that are just appealing or cool. One thing I’ve always enjoyed and respected about many igloos is that the creators use visual tricks to create certain things. A lot of times I’ve seen people take advantage of the 2-dimensional environment as well as the actual items themselves. By doing this, some really impressive displays come to life.
But don’t simply take my word for it–check it out for yourself! Just to kick it off, I’ve also decided to embed some really beautiful Atmospheric Black Metal that happens to give off a winter feeling.
Thoughts on the music and the pictures in the comments!

Image result for awesome club penguin christmas igloos

Notice the trick used here?

Image result for awesome club penguin christmas igloos

Image result for awesome club penguin christmas igloos

I think this is meant to reflect a town-square of some sort.

Again with the visual effects. This person used 2d and 3d qualities to make a really nice scene. It’s also multiple objects to create what seems like one piece.

Aesthetics and organization.

Using the different settings of the trees to seem like the inside of a theater. Too creative already?

I accidentally forgot about adding pictures for a few minutes and kept browsing through some of these. I have to say, there’s some really creative people out there.
Which one of these was your favorite and least favorite? 
And 3... 2... 1... unleash the comments!

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