Regarding Activeness/Restoring our Greatness

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This Post is Important for All Troops to Read!

Hello ACP,  Before I begin I first want to say that is is not a threat, this is simply some observations I have made about the army and some of the steps I plan on taking to make sure the army remains the best in Club Penguin, now lets begin. Over the past few day we have been plagued by inactiveness. Now you might be saying, “Chuck we are busy and this is boring,” or “Do we have to log on?” The answer to both of these questions is, “I understand, but you still have to try.” Guys it isn’t hard to attend an event and make ACP great, all you have to do read this post and follow the steps I am going to lay out.

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UK Training Featuring New Troops!

Hey ACP!

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of new recruits.  That being said, we all welcome you to ACP!  Special shoutouts to Kait, Hachach, Luther, and Kammy, some of our new troops.   Anyway, let’s try to get bigger sizes next event!

Max: 9 Average: 8-9

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