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This Post is Important for All Troops to Read!

Hello ACP,  Before I begin I first want to say that is is not a threat, this is simply some observations I have made about the army and some of the steps I plan on taking to make sure the army remains the best in Club Penguin, now lets begin. Over the past few day we have been plagued by inactiveness. Now you might be saying, “Chuck we are busy and this is boring,” or “Do we have to log on?” The answer to both of these questions is, “I understand, but you still have to try.” Guys it isn’t hard to attend an event and make ACP great, all you have to do read this post and follow the steps I am going to lay out.

Not wanting to log on/ This isn’t fun/ Chat is always dead. What are these? Excuses, and we don’t have to tolerate them.

Not wanting to log on isn’t a good excuse, it just isn’t. If you know when an event is and you are not busy then just do everyone a favour and log on, it makes events a million times more enjoyable if we don’t have to fight tooth and nail just because one or two people want to whine and moan about logging on. This is especially true if you are on chat when an event starts. I am going to say this once, If you are on chat when an event starts and complain about having to log on, or strait up refuse to log on, then just leave the chat because you aren’t helping.

This isn’t fun is a self fulfilling prophecies, if you think isn’t fun and you do nothing to make it fun then of course it won’t be fun. If you want events to be fun you just have to attend them and show up for them, it really is that easy. I understand you might be busy so just attend events you can make, it’s not hard at all, that is really all we ask. Events are fun when people show up with good attitudes. Now if you are saying to site isn’t fun well we are working to fix that but more on that later.

Saying chat is always dead is once again a self fulfilling prophecy. By not staying on chat you just perpetuate the problem. Obviously I am not going to ask you to hang around on a dead chat but maybe just stick around a bit and try talking to the people that are there. If you do that and people don’t talk or show up feel free to leave, just don’t show up and immediately go, “OMG this chat is dead, armies are dead, why don’t they just shut down.” 

To sum up what I have been saying for the past three paragraphs all I basically want is if you are a troop and you are on chat at event time have a good attitude, it isn’t hard. By simply doing that you make events fun, you help bring some life into the community, and you make yourself much more likely to be promoted. Obviously all the complaining I just wrote does not apply to everyone but it is still a good lesson to take home with you. Now lets move on to the less gloomy and more fun stuff.

My three step plan to bringing life back into our army.

Step 1: Recruiting. Recruiting isn’t fun, I hate doing it myself and I am more guilty of not recruiting then any other owner, but it is still an important step in reviving our power. I will admit auto typing isn’t terribly effective and it sucks that our lines have been blocked but it is still the best method we got.

Step 2: Jump starting the site. That sounds strange but all I really mean is making fun post. I think a major problem for the site is that people don’t want to read it because we don’t do enough just fun or random post. Me and DMT are a trying to remedy that right now, DMT will be doing his Card Jitsu tourney and I will be doing my poll of the week and restarting Club’s would you rather series. I’d like other owners to start making their own series as well if possible.

Step 3: Other. That might seem like a bit of a cop out of a step well because this step is really a whole bunch a little things. These include, commenting on post, minor rank reshuffling, roleplay, and making philosophy posts among other things. Things not unlike what Skipper suggested in his Make ACP Great Again posts.

That concludes my rants and ramblings. Remember these aren’t threats, just some things I want troops to take into consideration. Below are some pics from events from just earlier this year, we can still achieve those great moments, we just have to try.

US event 5th september 4

9-5-16 US Event 9


10th august uk 6



Thank you for your time -Chuck Falay (3ic)


12 Responses

  1. Nice one Chuck, I enjoyed it, and agree. Even if I am new 😉

  2. Really detailed post and many strong points.


  4. fab post chuck I totally agree with basically everything and it has inspired be to think about doing fun posts myself

  5. #PreachTheGoodPreach

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