November 2016 Promotions!


As we enter the final month of 2016, we say goodbye to the final promotions post of 2016! Let’s look back on things we can improve on and end this year on a high note. For many, a large term of breaks starts soon, and during that time there will be fun events and such. More information comes out soon, so keep an eye out!

But lets get a drum roll in here–make up your own drum beat here–and reveal the November 2016 promotions!


US-O10 insignia.svgGeneralUS-O10 insignia.svg

Super Edwin | King Mondo[Temp]

US-O9 insignia.svg Lieutenant GeneralUS-O9 insignia.svg


US-O8 insignia.svgMajor GeneralUS-O8 insignia.svg

Doctor Mine Turtle | Chuck Falay | King Mondo| Rockstar[On Leave]

US-O7 insignia.svgBrigadier GeneralUS-O7 insignia.svg

Billy, Aimee Meow(On Leave), Jai, Elsa, Djkb1, Dan

US-O6 insignia.svgColonelUS-O6 insignia.svg

Scientist444, Rosetta1d1

US-O5 insignia.svgLieutenant Colonel US-O5 insignia.svg


US-O4 insignia.svgMajorUS-O4 insignia.svg

Luther H2o, Tom Allen/Kammysnow1, Dan

US-O3 insignia.svg Captain US-O3 insignia.svg

Capn Kitty, Sir Dogeth, Crazy Tow, Zags100 Icey20115, Bayleef, Richtofen01

US-O2 insignia.svg Lieutenant US-O2 insignia.svg


Warrant Officer

Army-USA-OR-09c.svgSergeant Major Army-USA-OR-09c.svg


First Sergeant

Master Sergeant

Richt0xnel, Shiverwings3

Army-USA-OR-07.svg Sergeant First Class Army-USA-OR-07.svg 


Army-USA-OR-06.svg Staff Sergeant Army-USA-OR-06.svg

Army-USA-OR-05.svg Sergeant Army-USA-OR-05.svg

Army-USA-OR-04a.svg Corporal Army-USA-OR-04a.svg

Private First Class



Army-USA-OR-02.svg Private Army-USA-OR-02.svg

 kaleylianne, Against, scooby pen 1, iamdb, Klack999

Creator: Oagalthorp



If you believe that you deserved a promotion and were
 not awarded one, comment on this post with your name, 
addressing why YOU deserved a promotion this month.

4 Responses

  1. i’m still not on ranks

  2. Dude, Daisy attended the AUSIA Recruiting and Flash is retired.

  3. Umm, Im AUSIA division

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