Army of CP Christmas FAMILY REUNION!

>> Click HERE for details on the AUSIA REUNION! <<

Salutations everyone!

It’s that time of year again folks. The Christmas spirit all riled up, the time for family and peace, and the time for fun! But I bet a lot of you didn’t know something else. It’s also time for another ACP FAMILY REUNION!
Since the 10th Anniversary part was a such a big success, it would be very nice to host another one at a favorite time for CP armies. This time the reunion will be in addition to the Christmas and New Year celebrations, making it even more fun and exciting! With that said, let’s conclude another year and enter the 11th year of Club Penguin Armies as a whole; together!

Click “Continue Reading” for the official times and dates, and let’s get this party started!


Since a lot of people are still busy due to it being Christmas time, in order to add some flexibility and hopefully get an even better attendance, I decided to make the reunion 2 weeks long.

Start: December 17th[AUSIA REUNION]

End: January 2nd


The start of the reunion will be when the first timezone hits December 17th.

The end of the reunion will be when it is January 2nd.


Where you ask? Well ACP chat of course! During the whole duration of the reunion, will be the place to go.


On some occasions during the reunion, we’ll log on for a picture and some other fun events to have fun at, such as game nights or a Breeze Boiler room takeover/raid!

But wait. There’s more!

We’ll also be having ALL of the following:

  • Xat raffles[powers, xats, days]
  • Mad lib Mayhem
  • party
  • Movie Night
  •  and more!

As needed, separate posts will be released with times of certain upcoming reunion events. Make sure you watch the website constantly!

I hope whoever hears about this or reads this post is able to attend and make this time of year even more special for everyone. 

❗ Invasion of Tuxedo:!:

When: 21st December

Server: Tuxedo


9pm gmt

4pm est

3pm cst

2pm mst

1pm pst

Happy Holidays!

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