War Memes Activate- Pain strikes again


After that post I made earlier, I’ve decided to create a “Part 2” about the response and what I feel about the war. So, another war huh Pain? You’ve acted like you are a “god” in RPF even if you aren’t, pathetic. If you that desperate and achieving something like making us eat that crap well you ain’t because the war is just the beginning. You said “Death to ACP” well. We will answer that, you and your army is just the perfect target to shut that big mouth of yours.



What I feel when Pain pathetically says “Death to ACP” almost laughable. No, too laughable.


Again, failed.


Oh really? Says the guys who is desperate to a wannabe peacemaker trying to erase us from existence. What a mouth is that? Full of lies.


Triggered much?


PS: Thanks for the link, Sidie.

If you are that confident that you can eradicate us, well bring it..I couldn’t care less on how foolish you are but you don’t realize that you are particularly looking on your doom, I swear. The Army of Club Penguin is not afraid of desperate people like you. We fight as a force and be ready to get planted by our clovers.

We are coming for you. We are bringing hell onto you. We will faceplant that bad mouth of yours.

~Rockstar1819 and ACP Leadership.


One Response

  1. funny and too mlg :DDDD

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