[UK] Speedy Invasion of Half Pipe

Hello ACP and Allies, today we liberated Half Pipe from the evil that is RPF. Our shock troops encountered RPF leader Chip and we have taken him hostage. Other then that one poor soul we encountered no other RPF. We maxed and averaged 12. Let’s keep up the good work and help out our allies later on. Comment if you were there.

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Unsched AUSIA War Training

Hear ye hear ye!

As I am bringing the message for ye enemy, thy shall fall bit by bit. We did an amazing job leading an event once again (thanks for coming Super and Mondo <3). Anyways back to where was I pointing out. Tomorrow is a general event(everyone attendance is a must)to send an attack to our thy enemy, they shall know true pain. We maxed 12 and averaged 12 once again.

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