Victorious Ausia Invasions of Cozy, Tea, and Beanbag


Today we logged on to three servers one after the other and blasted RPF’s tiny Ausia out of the servers. We maxed 12 and averaged 11-12 throughout the event. RPF on the other hand maxed 9, and averaged 5-7. Our tactics significantly improved today, and some other soldiers even got a chance to lead some great tactics. Cozy, Tea, and Beanbag are ours.



Max of 11 seen here.


12 ACP vs 8 RPF here.

Max of 12 here. RPF has only about 7!

So in conclusion, we did very well today. This was a nice win for Ausia, so let’s keep it going. Great job today!



5 Responses

  1. I came, took pictures and help lead all 3 events :mrgreen:

    Amazing job ACP AUSIA – we will defeat the evil RPF!

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t make it, but I’m so proud of everyone that did. Great work on all fronts!

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