B.E.S.T (US event results)

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Christmas Promotions

ACP Awards

Defence Schedule

Invasions Schedule

Greetings, ACP. Today we had the first event from the new leadership of B.E.S.T aka The Best where we logged on to Breeze maxing a size of 22; we were also attacked by RPF (aka Chip) however the B.E.S.T leadership were able to mange this danger to ACP without any stress. Carry on reading for pictures of the event. 

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Early Christmas Promotions; Final Promotions Post of 2016!


Well folks, here we are once again. Another end of the year promotions post and another year of promotions gone. Due to the fact that it’s Christmas and it’s already very close to the end of the month, we’ve decided to release the December promotions early! This also will be the final promotions post of 2016 as well.

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ACP Awards 2016

Important Posts to Read:

Defence of Deep Freeze

Cool Club Penguin Christmas Pictures

Happy Holiday season!

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AUSIA Defence of Defence Schedule

The evil RPF decides to invade our brother ally, DCP, using one of it’s divisions, AUSIA-trying to exploit their weakness… I will not let that through. All AUSIA troops must attend as this event is generally important. We need all the reinforcements we can get to square them off.

Four Leaf Clover2


❗ Defence of Snowball ❗

Date: December 28, 2016


11:00 AM GMT

6:00 AM EST

5:00 AM CST

4:00 AM MST

4:30 PM IST

7:00 PM Manila

8:00 PM JST

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