[US] Successful Invasions of South Pole & Parka

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ACP Awards 2016

Early Christmas Promotions; Final Promotions Post of 2016!

Sliding into success on Sled

Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone, today we sent a unit of shock troops in to the RPF lands of South Pole and Parka; citizens cheered at our arrival. RPF failed to show up to either invasion as they were busy with out allies invasions. At South Pole we maxed 7, and at Parka we maxed an unfortunate 5. Because RPF failed to show these are both auto wins. Leave a comment if you were at either invasion.

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Sliding into success on Sled

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ACP Awards 2016

B.E.S.T Event Results

December Promotions

Greetings, ACP. Today, we logged on to Sled to invade it from the  Rebel Penguin Force who didn’t show up in the first five minutes allowing us to successfully invade Sled with no resistance – we maxed eleven in this event which is great to say that we don’t normally do UK events around this time. Carry on reading for pictures of the event and make sure you comment if you attended! 

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Successful Defence of Deep Freeze


Today we successfully defended the server Deep Freeze from the laughable RPF. During this we maxed about 13. Since there was a huge bot raid that lasted the whole time which made it very hard at times to even switch tabs-let alone get pictures-the server was NOT lost. These bot attacks also prevented us from having a fair battle due to there being many lockouts as soon as the bots arrived.

Now, RPF has made claims that the bots that raided the battle belonged to ACP, which was purely an effort to deem our defence as invalid. There is proof that these absurd and fruitless claims are false, supporting the fact that Deep Freeze was never successfully invaded, which can be found below.


And now a statement from Chip:


Actually you don’t.