Conquering the Beast


All RPF stalkers, I mean Spies, should read this. Chain I am sorry if you see this.

Hello ACP and Merry ChristmasI am here to tell you a tale, a tale of magic, war, hatred, and a monster most foul. This monster goes by many names although you might recognize him as a beast named Chainpro. I am here to tell you a the tail of Chainpro and how he came to be.

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AUSIA Victory- Ice Palace Conquered

RPF may talk more crap, despite being a former army which I used to love 2 years ago are officially plagued with nazism. Sorry RPF, I’m against this evilness you are into. We are not fighting you guys, we are fighting against evil inflating within your force.

So anyways, we managed to conquer the once capital of IMAF. We plotted this nasty plan against the evil itself. We maxed 11+ and averaged 11+

Here are the results:




Comment if you came!

~Rockstar1819, ACP Ausia 3ic/Ausia Divisional Commander


Tactics Practice Event!

This war with RPF may be hard for us, since we’re winning all the time, but fear not! Regular events will continue as well, so let’s have some fun this Saturday after the Liberation of Outback!(cancelled) It’s a chance for everybody to lead tactics, and to try out new ones as well! Let’s train how we fight, with good numbers and great morale!

! Saturday !

! 2016 January 2nd !

! Outback !

1:00 PM  GMT

8:00 AM  EST

5:00 AM  PST

7:00 AM  CST

6:00 AM  MST

6:30 PM  IST

9:00 PM  Manila

2200  JST



tumblr_nxd4t2yonj1tggtypo3_400Catch you later