[UK] Botted Invasion of Husky

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Invasion of Wool Socks II [AUSIA]

Wanted: Moderators for UK//AUSIA

Hello Everyone, today we tried to log on to one of RPF’s few remaining servers in an attempt to take it. Thing were going smoothly we were maxing 10, and were looking forward to a good clean fight, that is until RPF showed up. As soon as RPF found us a swarm bots entered the room and through the entire battle out of wack. The bots followed us where ever we went and chanted “green ples leav” which leads me to believe that these are RPF’s bots. Guys if you didn’t want to fight just tell us next time instead of cheating your way out. Here are some pics of the bot raid.




Thank your for your time -Chuck Falay (3ic)


Wanted: Moderators for UK/AUSIA/USA

Edit: Applications are now also open for USA, everyone can apply now for moderator. Good luck!

Hey everyone,

Currently ACP is looking for moderators for USA, UK and AUSIA. If you are interested, apply on the page below.

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