Unsched ACP AUSIA Raid on Tuxedo

Hey ACP,

To think the foolish RPF can outsmart us. We are just giving you a warning that ACP, my home army ;), is not to be messed with. You can throw insults all you want we will make you eat those words, trust me. This raid is not for you to see our wrath but a sign that we are coming for you.

Outcome: Success

Size: Maxed 12, averaged 12.

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Defence of our Capital

  Make sure you attend US Defence of Breeze

Prizes/Celebration party if we successfully defend our capital

When: 21st December 2016

Server: Breeze


8:00 pm EST

7:00 pm CST

6:00 pm MST

5:00 pm PST

1:00 am GMT


UK Practice Battle with Nachos

Important Posts to Read:




Greetings, ACP! Today we logged on to Fjord for some war training via a practice battle with our allies, Nachos, where we maxed 10 in Town however our size decreased when moving due to people being afk – make sure you’re paying attention to chat in an event and tell an owner if you’re unable to be active in the event. This was good seeing as UK hasn’t been active much since I’ve gone on leave so let’s carry up the good work this week. Make sure to keep reading and comment if you attended this event.

Reminder: Defence of Breeze @21st December 2016 @8pm est/1am gmt


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War Memes Activate- Pain strikes again


After that post I made earlier, I’ve decided to create a “Part 2” about the response and what I feel about the war. So, another war huh Pain? You’ve acted like you are a “god” in RPF even if you aren’t, pathetic. If you that desperate and achieving something like making us eat that crap well you ain’t because the war is just the beginning. You said “Death to ACP” well. We will answer that, you and your army is just the perfect target to shut that big mouth of yours.

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Response to RPF

So to think that you can beat us and let me tell you what:

Pain, your wish of death to us is coming back to you, due to your obsession with “Death of ACP”. We will bring war with you no backing out.

Never underestimate us because we are already in war mode. If you think that you can small us out, think again. We never give up and we fight on. 

That’s all said and done.


~ACP Forever

Quick ACP AUSIA Unscheduled Event!

Hey ACP,

Quick update: Fortune also known as Jet Nugget  has returned to ACP! Welcome back!

Today, we had a quick U-Lead and some training. Though the size wasn’t expecting but we did good, despite of my laggings in my laptop we pull a decent event and managed well. We maxed 6 and averaged 6 in this event.



Almighty Jet by Snaketeja xd


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Howdy! I’m Jet “Fortune” Nugget.

Hello ACP!

I’d like to introduce myself as one of your new third in commands! After serving ACP for almost a decade since 2007, and moderating chat even after my retirement, I once again have the motivation, dedication, and time to put forth towards this army and the Club Penguin community.

I’ve seen what you’re all capable of, and being around the ACP Chat seeing the dedication you all have to keeping up this community and making sure it still grows is amazing. I can’t wait to speak with you all, create new events, and work on this whole pizza pie together.

I learned most about ACP from a specific group of leaders from the community consisting of Bobcatboy10, Iasgae 56, Boomer20, Flipmoo, McHappy, and more. My number one goal right now is to increase numbers in the community to extend its lifespan. With your help, I believe it’s easily possible.

A little bit about myself, I’m from the United States, I’m currently enlisted in the military, and I love online social games. So Xat and Club Penguin (especially from being a part of my own childhood) definitely fit into that category. If you have any other questions for me, just ask me here or on Xat!

Kick-off to ACP Christmas Reunion Results


Today was the day for the ACP Christmas Reunion Kick-off. We ended up logging on an hour earlier because everyone was so pumped up. We maxed 15 at this event and had a fun time. Due to the 26+ on chat and all the lag it created a lot of people couldn’t get pics.

Remember, the ACP Christmas Reunion continues until January 2nd of 2017! During that time we’ll be having some fun parties to hang out and reunite with everyone. Many of these will be taking place on different platforms such as Rabb.it and Plug.dj. Everyone from all around the community is welcome to come and join in the fun! Don’t miss out!

Happy Holidays!

Huge Kick-off to Christmas Reunion Event



Who: Anyone and everyone is invited!

When: Saturday, December 17th

Where: Breeze (Be @xat.com/theacp)


9pm EST

8pm CST

7pm MST

6pm PST

2am GMT

Army of CP Christmas FAMILY REUNION!

>> Click HERE for details on the AUSIA REUNION! <<

Salutations everyone!

It’s that time of year again folks. The Christmas spirit all riled up, the time for family and peace, and the time for fun! But I bet a lot of you didn’t know something else. It’s also time for another ACP FAMILY REUNION!
Since the 10th Anniversary part was a such a big success, it would be very nice to host another one at a favorite time for CP armies. This time the reunion will be in addition to the Christmas and New Year celebrations, making it even more fun and exciting! With that said, let’s conclude another year and enter the 11th year of Club Penguin Armies as a whole; together!

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