Epic USA Tactical Training

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Today, we had an amazing training session on our capital server Breeze. Recently we’ve been experiencing some issues with people going AFK before events unexpectedly, chat being slow due to school starting back up, etc., but today you can say those issues were overcome.

After a large calling and recruiting effort prior to the event, we were able to get what would be the best event we have had in a while, and also the best one of the week. We were able to get strong size that only grew and tactics that reflected a lot of hard work and discipline. After in the dojo courtyard for a bit of the event, we decided to move into the dojo for more room. We had some good bombs and normal tactics in all our formations today. After the first dojo formation, I had everyone chase after me and try to tag me.

After a few minutes of running around the dojo, I became cornered behind a pillar. That is what led to a massive bunch and to a very nice clover bomb! For our final formation we assembled into a wall as if we were protecting Sensei. I’m very happy to have led this event, and I hope we are able to have these many more times. It was a very very fun event, which led to me raffling away 75 xats to a single winner, which ended up being Zags100, and another 20 xats to Coquimichu! In the end, we maxed 12 and averaged 12. Despite this event exceeding 30 minutes, I didn’t hear a single complaint or negative comment.

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Combined Division Training Session

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Greetings, ACP! The UK and US division had an unscheduled training session together today where we maxed 11 on Breeze; we started out in Docks before moving to the Ice Berg where we formed a scatter position to do some final tactics. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.


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CPA is meant for fun Pt.1

The Army of Club Penguin have been ignoring RPF since the 31st December and will continue to ignore them into the future. Why? This war lacks the fun it should’ve because of the absence of common rules between the two armies; rules shouldn’t be an issue preventing fair warfare in this community however upon RPF denying to agree to ground rules they’re stopping this war from being fun. CPA is truly meant for fun and constantly abusing, abandoning and twisting the rules destroy this idea of fun.

RPF are free to say whatever they want in response to this post but as an army we’ll be ignoring all hate posts as well as invasions especially seeing as “there’s nobody to enforce the rules anymore” a statement which RPF have been using for most of this war to deem everything their victory.

In case, RPF insulting/ignoring ACP instead of agreeing with ground rules to make this a fair war isn’t enough proof that RPF are taking the fun out of this war then you’ll be delighted to know we’re posting another post full of ways RPF have twisted/broken rules to try and beat us. Not to mention the constant hate posts/insults that have been thrown our way from RPF. If ACP and AR are so weak then you should be able to defeat us fairly, RPF.

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