[AUSIA] Results of Snow Fort Day 1!


Tonight we showed up in tactics and strategy. Every single tactic we hit, we hit perfectly. And with enough people to take a server if we ever got the call. This is, at least in one sense, a perfect event when it comes to tactics. Congratulations, for we just took the first step of many to regaining what we once had. When we look back in time at what we used to be, we will not see small numbers, but large initiative. Large dedication. Click Continue Reading to see the damage done!

Our event took place mainly on the Ski Hill, and that’s where I’d like to show you what happened during this event, let’s take a look at the flawless accuracy ACP put up for us.


Signifying we yield to no enemy!


Jokes are a popular tactic, but I like to think of it as sarcasm. Because when it comes to Jokes, that’s something ACP is not.


Showing Club Penguin’s oldest mascot some love


To have some fun, let’s all do a different emote! Except me, because we all make mistakes, and that’s okay as long as we learn from them.

To signify a new beginning, one of flourishing numbers and even more perfect tactic shows such as this, I thought we’d use the new smiley.


Getting numbers that are 30+ doesn’t happen overnight, but it starts with events like this. Events with perfect tactics, great communication, and great initiative. Members and Mods leading/learning, suggesting new tactics and ways to accomplish goals, making sure your peers are active. This is what we’re looking for. And when we finally do get 30+, I know we’ll have the same results. Flawless.

4 Responses

  1. Came!

  2. I attended and we had put on a gr8 event today!
    Wish this happens on Day 2 as well 👍! The images taken by me and Jet were gr8! And yes, HBD to me!

  3. Good post.

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