[AUSIA] Operation Bravo Results


Today AUSIA held an unscheduled event. Not only did we start off with 3 members in chat on a 30 minute notice, but we ended with enough people to storm a server. With this event, it shows AUSIA has a consistent activity level. Next step, increase activity. As simple as that. Here’s the damage done. Click Continue reading for more information.

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UK/US Breeze Results!

We gathered on the Docks to amass our forces, and then with the leadership of all our ranks, we sieged the Ski Hill. This is where most of our tactics were done.


A classic. The Clover represents not just ACP, but the power we once had, have now, and will have in the future. It’s hope, possibility,  and power. All in one.



The good ‘ol video game stick. Showing that we’re still in the game and ready to take it over!


Our famous motto known worldwide! Not just a statement to show that we preserve our values, but an excellent recruiter itself!


AUSIA is a force that has been through many ups and downs, and it has historically shown to get over any obstacle in its way. So far we’ve proven we’re consistent, we’re active, we’re fast, and we’re motivated. The base is there, now all we need is you. The next step is basic: recruit and stay dedicated!

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