My Return & Explanation

Hey ACP!

I’ve been gone for a long time.  I know, I’ve said I’m returning quite a few times, but this time it’s for real.


This is really hard to let people know, especially since I lied about why I left CPA, but it’s for one reason.  I was diagnosed with ARFID.   I honestly don’t know why I didn’t tell anyone, but that doesn’t really matter now.  I had ARFID as a child, and then it went away.  It came back in 2013 and I had to cut off many things.  But back then, the only thing I enjoyed was CPA so I stayed.  As I’m now 14, I had bigger priorities then CPA.  I decided to cut off CPA not only because I was less attached to CPA, but because I was forcing myself to get on.  ARFID doesn’t have anything to do with CPA, but I would just either lay in a hospital bed or go to school then come home and live in pain.  I wasn’t enjoying anything except socializing IRL and Rainbow Six Siege.  So I cut off CPA.  It was reaching it’s most painful moments this year in 2016.  ARFID is something you can beat and then it can come back.  I’m unfortunately a victim of it coming back.  Last week, the doctor said I didn’t have ARFID, but there is a chance it can come back.  For now, I am officially returning to ACP for whatever rank I’m given.

Doctor Mine Turtle

Event schedule for the week 16th January – 22nd January

Today’s Events

❗ UK Patrol of Snow Fort ❗

When: 19th January 2017

Server: Snow Fort


9:00 pm GMT

4:00 pm EST

3:00 pm CST

2:00 pm MST

1:00 pm PST

 – – –

US Event To Be Added

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UK Quick Tactic Session On Breeze

Welcome New Recruits!

CPA Is Meant For Fun Pt.1

^Important Posts To Read^


‘Ello, ACP!

Today, ACP did a quick event on Breeze, Ski hill. Stayed on Ski hill throughout the event and just about maxed 10! Our formation was somewhat of a bizarre sideways deformed triangle but it’s all cool! Stayed in the formation for the whole event and sure it was a bit messy but people couldn’t quite see where people actually were even after they reloaded the room. Thanks to everyone who took pictures!


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