My Return & Explanation

Hey ACP!

I’ve been gone for a long time.  I know, I’ve said I’m returning quite a few times, but this time it’s for real.


This is really hard to let people know, especially since I lied about why I left CPA, but it’s for one reason.  I was diagnosed with ARFID.   I honestly don’t know why I didn’t tell anyone, but that doesn’t really matter now.  I had ARFID as a child, and then it went away.  It came back in 2013 and I had to cut off many things.  But back then, the only thing I enjoyed was CPA so I stayed.  As I’m now 14, I had bigger priorities then CPA.  I decided to cut off CPA not only because I was less attached to CPA, but because I was forcing myself to get on.  ARFID doesn’t have anything to do with CPA, but I would just either lay in a hospital bed or go to school then come home and live in pain.  I wasn’t enjoying anything except socializing IRL and Rainbow Six Siege.  So I cut off CPA.  It was reaching it’s most painful moments this year in 2016.  ARFID is something you can beat and then it can come back.  I’m unfortunately a victim of it coming back.  Last week, the doctor said I didn’t have ARFID, but there is a chance it can come back.  For now, I am officially returning to ACP for whatever rank I’m given.

Doctor Mine Turtle

5 Responses

  1. DMT it you are still sick in the slightest please don’t try to force yourself to return

  2. Long time no see DMT, missed ya man

  3. Let me tell you something, you hold some true strength posting about this at all, let alone on the main site. You clearly possess the will power to continue fighting onward, which is something very important. Let me be clear that your fellow comrades will be by your side.

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