[Murphy Pit] Concrete Surfing

Murphy Pit: I

Good morning/afternoon/evening ACP and club penguin army enthusiasts! Welcome to the Murphy Pit. Today marks the first part in a new post series, which, who knew, is also named: Murphy Pit. This is where I’ll post off-topic entertainment posts ranging anywhere from movies and dreaming, to books and sports. Any and all is up for discussion, let me know what you think of the first installment and how it can be improved so it’s more of an experience for you, the reader and participant.


The first issue will be on longboarding!

Longboarding, Skating, Concrete Surfing… whatever the name, this modern action sport was born from the enthusiasm of surfing itself. Legendary brands such as Original Skateboards, Sector9, Arbor and more may have never been born if it weren’t for a man named Tom Sims, who launched Longboarding into it’s popularity.


Tom Sims (right) holding a carved piece of plywood he plans to use for his custom made longboard.


Before brands such as Red Bull started hosting their own longboarding events and sponsorships such as Red Bull Big Drop and Red Bull Feel The Wheel, longboarding events were mainly driven by their parent companies and brands. Orangatang wheels, Abec, Bustin, and many more held races and even offered prizes. The yearly Broadway Bomb, Push in the Woods, and even local events held by fans have pushed longboarding in the right direction. If it weren’t for the fans, longboarding would quite literally be dead.


A great personal edit by Brian Bishop, a professional longboarder and modern pioneer for the sport. It features carving and downhill, and there are plenty more longboard styles than that.


Longboarding isn’t just another version of a skateboard, it’s a lifestyle for many, a type of self-expression and fun. It creates bonds, friends, and can serve as a great hobby and even keep you in shape. Whether you carve, downhill, freeride, cruise (that’s mainly what I like, I’m a beach type of guy), dance, travel, or do any other type of riding, you can make the style into your own.

I like to cruise to beaches of the world. I do some freeride and travel sometimes, but something about waking up and smelling the ocean air with a good sunrise is just dandy. I rock an OS Pintail 47, a Sector9 bamboo, and a more off-brand board by Globe when I just need to get somewhere.

Not only is Original my favorite brand, they make my favorite board, the Pintail series! Here’s a great example of some downhill shredding with a bit of cruising on the way by some Pro riders from the OS team.


Longboarding is a great hobby to take up. Getting your first board can be difficult, but it was definitely one of the best times I had. And when it finally got to my doorstep, you bet I was excited. So, do you longboard? Do you plan to start? Better yet, do you surf or skateboard? Let me know below, let’s talk.

Here are some worthy links to check out if you want to see more longboarding content. Each video will open in a new tab.


Go Longboard!!!

Hyojoo’s Los Angeles Adventures!


Remember to always wear the right safety gear. But even then, remember that Longboarding really has one goal: to make you happy!

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  1. Ha I can’t stay on a skateboard for more than two seconds. I do surf but I prefer bodyboarding and my sister is way better at surfing. Great post btw!

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