UK event on Breeze

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UK Berg Expedition

AUSIA Schedule for this week

Welcome New Recruits


Greetings, ACP! Today, the UK division had an event on Breeze where we maxed eleven on Club Penguin; our tactics were good but not really perfect but nevertheless we did some pretty good tactics. We logged on to Ski Hill which is where we stayed for the rest of the event.

Picture of 11

Picture of 11

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Ausia Schedule for This Week!


Event Guidelines:

*If the event is delayed, have it deployed next 30 minutes!

**Underlined times are the time zones for AUSIA.

***If barely of the owners can online, the one below that rank can lead it, a 4ic in particular. The other owners of the other division can lead this event(s) as well.

****Call allies if possible.

*****Be early on chat before the event, finish homework and DON’T do it during the event to prevent disruptions on your time schedule, you can do it afterwards as well.


❗ AUSIA U-Lead ❗

When: 21st January 2017

Server: Breeze


5:30 PM IST

8:00 PM PHT

9:00 PM JST 

7:00 AM EST

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