Ausia Schedule for This Week!


Event Guidelines:

*If the event is delayed, have it deployed next 30 minutes!

**Underlined times are the time zones for AUSIA.

***If barely of the owners can online, the one below that rank can lead it, a 4ic in particular. The other owners of the other division can lead this event(s) as well.

****Call allies if possible.

*****Be early on chat before the event, finish homework and DON’T do it during the event to prevent disruptions on your time schedule, you can do it afterwards as well.


❗ AUSIA U-Lead ❗

When: 21st January 2017

Server: Breeze


5:30 PM IST

8:00 PM PHT

9:00 PM JST 

7:00 AM EST



❗ AUSIA Recreational Activity ❗

When: 22th January 2017

Server: Snow Fort


5:00 PM IST

7:30 PM PHT

8:30 PM JST 

6:30 AM EST

I’m relying on everyone who can help in this event, so stay tuned for fun future event schedules.

~Rockstar1819. ACP Ausia 3ic/8th Ausia Divisional Leader.


2 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to some good numbers!

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