[US] Late Night Training

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Joint Event with AR

Berry Smoothies

Awesome Winter Igloos #2


Hello ACP, I am back everyone! Did you miss me? No? That is what I thought. Anyway today we logged on for a one more event this week. It was alright, tactics were spot on and our max was 10, our size will improve in the coming week as we continue to rebuild. Thanks to Rock for the pictures, leave a comment if you were there.


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Joint UK event with AR

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Awesome Winter Igloos #2

Berry Smoothie

Welcome New Recruits!


Greetings, ACP! Earlier on, today, we had a UK joint event with our brother allies, AR,  where we maxed 11; I wasn’t able to get anymore than two pictures from this event so if you took any pictures from today’s event, make sure to message them to me so I can put them on this post.  Carry on reading for pictures of the event and make sure to comment if you attended.

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Berry Smoothie

This time around this recipe will berry easy that anyone of any age can make (yes I spelled very wrong on purpose)

1 Ripe medium Banana peeled

1 can or 3/4 cup of pineapple juice

1 carton of either blueberry’s or mixed berries yogurt.

1 cup of frozen blueberries that are partially thawed

COMBINE- Banana, pineapple juice, yogurt and blueberries in blender or in a food processor container that is covered. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Awesome Winter Igloos #2


If anyone remembers from a month or two ago, I released the first post in this series which featured seven pictures of Christmas themed igloos from Club Penguin. Now that Christmas has passed, I decided to do another interesting post featuring igloos that are Winter themed.

It’s true that many things that are not actually related to Christmas itself are commonly associated with it, but hear me, this post will have a great deal in difference. I will most likely have a few more posts out before the Winter season ends, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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