Awesome Winter Igloos #2


If anyone remembers from a month or two ago, I released the first post in this series which featured seven pictures of Christmas themed igloos from Club Penguin. Now that Christmas has passed, I decided to do another interesting post featuring igloos that are Winter themed.

It’s true that many things that are not actually related to Christmas itself are commonly associated with it, but hear me, this post will have a great deal in difference. I will most likely have a few more posts out before the Winter season ends, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Here’s the video I added to the previous post for some Winter inspiration!

And here are the igloos:

Related image

Here, Netsky is using the red tent-like items multiple times to add length to what he makes look like a medical outpost in the wilderness. The satellite and security camera are actually from the free spy table igloo item. Also, he uses snow chair items to create a more mountainous scene, almost like skiing!

Image result for club penguin winter igloos

Here is another igloo by Netsky. We can see how he uses the same snow chair items repeatedly to make the illusion of hills to ride down. It seems to add some height in the scene as well.


Related image

This is another outdoor igloo that is fairly straight forward. Again, a mountainous scene is created with the rocks, trees, and snow. Where the cabins are concerned, the roofs are dining tables and the doors are pantries. Lastly, the background environment looks like there’s a unique aurora. You would never suspect it’s actually a space background would you?


Related image

In this igloo we have quite a busy scene. It looks like a peaceful Christmas themed street, explaining the building formations. For the center shop in the second row, the roofs again are dinner tables and the door is a pantry. The rest are things that I haven’t seen before however. The brown “steps” is a shoe holder item, and you’ll never guess what is used as the windows; soccer goals.


Image result for club penguin winter igloos

Point out the techniques you see used here. For the cabin itself, I’m not entirely sure if there are items layered or not where the gray is concerned. If you look closely, it looks like there’s a pattern from a rug item with some gray fading it out. It might be a rug behind soccer goals to give a touch of design.

Related image

Here we have an igloo conceived on a CPPS by someone named Zenny. It’s supposed to be a Christmas village. Where the water you see in the center of the picture is concerned, I think it’s supposed to be a canal beneath. Interesting. Interesting & cozy!


Image result for club penguin cool holiday igloos

Now I thought this igloo was interesting since it wasn’t just limited to Christmas, but the birth of Jesus. This is a first!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Awesome Igloos. Reply with any input or thoughts in the comments!

10th comment gets 20 xats!


7 Responses

  1. Damn I wish my igloo could have looks like them when I was a member.

  2. commenting for bants

  3. Those were some cool igloos, I must say.

  4. Yeah pretty cool igloos, Netsky’s are amazing

  5. Chance for 20 xats has expired.

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