The Rise of the Sleeping Giant


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The time has come, your nation needs you.

As many of you know or are about to find out Club Penguin after March 29th will be a thing of the past. This news will come as a shock to many and will strike a sense of dread in many others. I am here to tell you now that just because Club Penguin is shutting down, that does not mean that the ACP is over. Right now the owners and advicers are deciding the best course of action to prolong the life of the ACP.

However just in case if worse comes to worse I think it is generally agreed apon that we would like to see ACP rise to the top once again. The ACP has more skilled vets then any army in the community and I would like us to join forces and become unstoppable. Hear my plea veterans and gather for your army.

All ranks are welcome to join our pilgrimage, from former leader to private, from CPAC legends to guy that joined and quit two days later. Strap on your red viking helmets or roman helmets,  paint your penguin green, and pick up your snow ball cannons (electric guitars) and march with me on Breeze. We have taken on many foes before, now we fight the toughest battle yet.



Look to the horizon, a new era will soon be apon us.

6 Responses

  1. Sorry, know this has nothing to do with ACP, but I’m looking for JonHanCoff. He was the creator of the Black Jackets in 07-10.

    If anyone has info on how to get into contact with him, please send me a message on Kik, or Xbox; both are KRTxBallistic

  2. I heard what happened.

  3. ACP should not ruin its legacy migrating to another website.

    • Another game would ruin what we call Club Penguin Armies. Simply not laying down like dogs doesn’t.

  4. my application was denied

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