Official ACP Discord Chat  << Click this link.

I give thanks to: Daisy and Madonna, as for that… We will expand our horizons in the communication proccess.


Extra Note:

In addition, besides we have kik chat online but it isn’t enough to make rooms for all of us. I decided to simply spread the word of the chat while we are here, in case of emergency or stuff like that. For those who don’t know discord:

It’s a communication platform where in you can(much like xat, just remove the power feature) but instead you’ll be in a chatroom called ‘servers’. These ‘servers’ can be considered our chat place, by invitation; only via a link which I put one before, you can get to the server easily than you should know!

The platform works on desktops and can be downloaded on Google App and ITunes. Too lazy to download? Like said above, it is also accessible on computer as well.