US Invasion of Nachos

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Tuesday, Feb 7 2017.

Server: Aurora


8:00pm EST

7:00pm CST

6:00pm MST

5:00pm PST

1:00pm GMT

War Bulletin (6th February – 11th February)

Found us on Club Penguin? Click here to join the Army of Club Penguin!


If this is your first time coming here make sure to check in with us at the chat-box and feel free to ask us any questions regarding ranks/joining/battles! This chat is moderated 24/7 and is SAFE and SECURE for all ages. [No Cussing or Inappropriate topics].

Today’s Events

❗ UK Defence of Outback:!:

When: 6th February, 2017

Server: Outback, Stadium


8:30 pm gmt

3:30 pm est

2:30 pm cst

1:30 pm mst

12:30 pm pst

[US] Awesome Training

Events This Week:

Quick Unscheduled Ausia Training

UK Tactic Session in the Boiler Room

UK Training Session in the Dojo


Hello ACP, tonight we had an amazing training session before the top ten tomorrow. Lots of legends showed up and our tactics were great, we maxed a radical 14!  Big thanks to everyone to showed up, and thanks to Bam for the pictures. Comment if you were there.


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UK Training Session in the Dojo

Greetings, ACP! Today, the UK division logged on to Breeze, Dojo for a training session where we maxed 11. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.


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The Weekly Quiz (ACPTR Edition)

Important Posts to Read:

Rise of the Sleeping Giant

Quick Unscheduled Ausia event

UK Tactic Session in the Boiling Room

Greetings, ACP! Welcome to the return of the Weekly Quiz! The Weekly Quiz is well a weekly quiz on different subjects, for example a subject might be ACP or flags, the person who has the most correct answers first wins an opportunity to lead an event of their own choice and a fancy trophy. This Week’s quiz is on ACPTR, Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment, make sure to carry on reading for the questions.

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UK Tactic Session in the Boiler Room

Important Posts To Read:

The Rise of the Sleeping Giant

Quick Unscheduled Ausia Event

Event Bulletin


Greetings, ACP! For the UK division first, successful, event of February we logged on to Breeze for a tactic session in the boiler room. We maxed twelve in today’s event with some really great tactics; we spent most of our event in the Boiler Room before going to the Ice Berg in an attempt to try and tip it (we didn’t succeed). Make sure to carry on reading for pictures of the event and comment if you attended.

max of 12

max of 12

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The Rise of the Sleeping Giant


unofficial seal

The time has come, your nation needs you.

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