ACP News with Your Favourite Host Chuck Falay!

Please Note this Post is Crap… I mean Satire!

Hello and welcome to ACP world news, the post that nobody wanted but they got anyway! I will be covering some of the developing an interesting events in our great army. Are you  not prepared to cringe at one of those awful CPA satire post? I bet you aren’t! Anyway ready set go!

Elsa Declares Love for Mondo, GiF Storm Ensues.

Last month ACP 3ic Elsa shook the world by declared her love for ACP leader King Mondo. Immediately after the ACP ownership joined together to offer GiFs of love to the young couple. Flipmoo has already bought both of them tickets to Japan for their honeymoon. Mondo is yet to offer a response to the arranged marriage, but we assume he is very happy with this decision that was made for him.

Lord Pain Joins ACP Ownership for Second in Command.

Pain is the name of the game and it is also his name -Lord Pains theme song

Much to the delight of the RPF ownership Lord Pain has announced it has left the army and instead decided to join ACP. When the news reached ACP ears madness ensued, with many people taking their own lives to avoid having to suffer his voice. Fortunately other ACP 2ic, Noka, immediately couped and banished Pain to avoid losing his spot as next leader, something that Edwin will not allow.

Chainpro Returns on KiK, Everyone Assumes he is Chuck.

After months of absence following his banishment Chainpro has recently returned on the ACP KiK. At the same time ACP 3ic Chuck Falay receives a surge of people asking if he is in Chainpro. Chuck repeatedly refused these claims. Here is an interview with ACP soldier EHRoyals on the matter.

Me: Red                                       EHRoyals: Blue

What do you think of Chainpro?

I miss him, we were in Gold together. Why?

I am asking the questions around here! If Chainpro were to pretend to be anyone who would that person be?

Probably You.

How would you feel if I told you Edwin was trying to make you gay with his Magic Rainbow powers?

I’m Homophobic so I would kill myself.

Any final comments?

Yes. I exposed Funks, B1’s and B2’s plot to fire Zing. You’re welcome Funks.

Well there you have it folks! 100% not Chainpro! Now let’s just hope that one of these post is never made ever again.


Thank you for your time -Chuck Falay (ACP 3ic)

3 Responses

  1. Yee

  2. When my Obama gifs weren’t mentioned

  3. this was a nice read XD
    (when ACp discord doesnt get mentioned)

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