Massive Ausia Event at North Pole Berg!

Hello ACP! This is the first time I am posting for an event!! And as I am the Temp Ausia Leader, I am posting about this event today! I would like to give thanks to Flipmoo, for the pictures, Elsa and Buggins, for calling people, and IceWarriors Army and Thugs Army and Teutons Army for for attending our event after their joint event! After Their joint event, we told them to stay and we logged in and had an event with others…. We maxed out 13. We also had a xat giveaway to 10 people (10 xats each) and then a Trivia Contest… I would also like to thank Rock, for training me! I have seen this Ausia event after a long long time…. I am happy that all Ausia Troops came together and had an Amazing event put together! I am going to post more Ausia events soon, and would try to bring back Ausia Again! Here are some of the highlights of the event:-

cp 1cp2cp3cp4cp5cp6cp7cp8cp9

Comment if you came 🙂

11 Responses

  1. Came!

  2. I came! Congrats on your Temp Ausia Leadership Madonna! You got my support =) #MakeAusiaGreatAgain

    -Buggins Will

  3. I haven’t seen this sizes in ages, good work!

  4. I haven’t seen this sizes in ages, good work!

  5. Very nice to see. Hold your heads high and turn this into something consistent.

  6. Omg It’s growing! Good luck! However, it’s coming to an end ryt?

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