The Future of the ACP

   To our soldiers, retirees, and passersby who associate parts of their childhood to the ACP: on behalf of the Army of Club Penguin, I come here to relay a message concerning the future of this army.

     It has been known for quite a while that Club Penguin will be officially closing on March 29th of 2017, and will transform into a new platform called Club Penguin Island (CPI).

     For the past several months, our administration has deliberated on the path the Army of Club Penguin should take as one of the historic armies ever to exist in the warfare community. Many ideas have been thrown into the pit by numerous members of the community, and here we would like to take a moment to thank those involved for being concerned about the future of this army.

     Considering the current censorship in Club Penguin (with phrases such as “army” being filtered) and its decreasing popularity in general, it is highly unlikely that CPI will end up being a platform in which armies will be able grow. Although we acknowledge that it is unwise to make such presumptions before the game is released, with the lack of staff and the demise of armies in general, the ACP struggles to continue even in the game it was once prosperous on. An alternative option of moving to a Club Penguin private server (CPPS) has been brought up multiple times, not only in the ACP but also throughout the community. Previous attempts of moving to a CPPS have been brought up years ago when rumors of Club Penguin shutting down first came up, and despite its risks in security and recruitment, this option appears to be the path a couple adventurous armies are willing to take. However, popular CPPS websites usually have only one server in which the users log on, and their moderators IP ban army recruiters, which adds another obstacle that makes it harder for armies to survive. Other armies have decided to move on to different games such as Minecraft or Roblox, with critics stating that this move defies the whole purpose of being a “Club Penguin” organization – an argument that applies severely to the Army of Club Penguin. The remaining armies that have decided to take none of the aforementioned options have decided to take the only choice that they are left with: shutting down. And it appears that the Army of Club Penguin will join the others in taking this path.

     The people who have landed on this decision are well aware of the impact that it will bring forth to the community as a whole; however, with the end of Club Penguin approaching, armies have begun to split in their own ways, which will ultimately lead to the dilapidation of the community. But even with that being said, I must express that the burden of making such a decision is immense. We ask for your understanding when we state that this conclusion comes not only from a few selective individuals, but from the opinions that have accumulated by many people throughout the last months.

     Letting go of an army that has existed for ten consecutive years means that we will be terminating what we have all tried so desperately to continue. Thousands have come and went from the early snowball fights to the modern tourneys. Thousands have spent their childhood here, on the very website you are on. And on that same website that all those people have spent hours, and even years on; you are now witnessing the beginning of the end of the once formidable ACP, which we all dreamed would have continued on forever.

     Please note that this is not the official notification of the closure, nor will I be the one to officially declare it. For this special occasion, one of our greats is expected to finish this legendary army. The intention of this post is to notify those who are concerned with the route ACP plans to take following the closure of Club Penguin.

     Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. And although we dread the final day of the ACP, with appreciation for all the years, I’d like to end this with a big thank you to all who have dedicated their time in making this army the best.

Let us make the most of the days that remain.

Retired ACP Leader and Former Member of the Disbanded PoG


with the approval of

Incumbent ACP Leaders

King Mondo

Super Edwin

48 Responses

  1. Great Post Flipmoo… RIP Club Penguin 😥

  2. The Post Made me cry 😥

  3. Goodbye old friend.

  4. I never thought that this day would come: but i think, although it is painful to admit: it is for the best. I felt quite sad reading every word on this post and i can’t bear the thought that ACP will disband. Again, it’s for the best as we start to move on, on our lives.

    I have met great friends in this community: but i think it is time that we go separate ways and embrace the opportunities we might have in real life like maybe becoming famous and better, changing the world: this community was only an occupation.

    But this is my message to anyone browsing this Ancient website: ( as you are reading this in the near future ): We were the first to stand and last to fall: we are the heart of the CPA community and we survived for 10 years, something that may have not been possible when we were first established: but we walked that milestone.

    In this website features the events we partaken as a team, as a army: the best moments we had in those events and successes that occurred.

    As you are reading this: i’ll probably be like: “the good old days where i used to roleplay in a 8 year olds game { I am not 8 } ) So i thought i might as well put this message here so perhaps i will look back at it and say to myself: “I thought differently back then”

    Preserve Justice, Defend Freedom. We evolved from just penguins: we evolved into a army of soldiers: this is the Club Penguin “evolution” theory, kinda.

    So this is all that i have to say about this: i may not have the right to speak, but that does not change my thoughts on this closure.

    Thank you ACP for giving me this opportunity.

    – Buggins Will.

  5. it was great to be both your enemy and then later your ally, acp

    hopefully if oagal shows up he and i can talk one more time before this all ends


  6. I’m actually very sad to see ACP close, but I believe that this is the right decision.

    If you love something, let it go.

  7. At least we’ve all the opportunity to go out in a deserving way. I can’t wait to see what Boomer, Shab, or possibly Oagal (though likely not) are going to write for the last post.

    It was a great thing being part of this army during the golden ages and beyond, plenty of memories and plenty of friends now gone as well. Not enough people experienced it for what it really once was but having a part in it at all is something to be proud of.

    Good times.

  8. Joined in 2009, havent been active in ACP since 2011, in armies since 2013. But damn I’m gonna miss this.

  9. I will miss this.

  10. Damn, who would’ve thought an army like ACP would end like this. Its always sad to see your beloved army shutting down, specially when you’ve made some contributions. I am happy that i was able to serve this army during my time.
    Likes of many great people came and go in this army. Surely none of us would forget this great army. I am proud that we all stuck together and gave our best towards everything. Thank you for everything ACP, I will surely never forget you.

  11. Good to see that ACP is respecting the closure of Club Penguin.

    I’ve had a very interesting(?) time here. Having joined in 2011, just a month before I started secondary school, CPA has been a fairly big part of my adolescence. I’ll move on but of course I’ll miss CPA and Club Penguin too.

    btw dj change strom and ajman are the only solid lads here, the rest of you are c##ts, f#@k off

  12. Oh, man, I can’t believe this is the end. I was part of ACP from 2010-2013, good times… I still come back and visit this site when I’m bored. These were some of my best memories on club penguin.

  13. Boy. I’ll legitimately miss this, it’s been a three year ride. Thanks ACP.

  14. nachos is now the longest living cp army flexes

    Thank yo ALLLL
    for the good times and the bad times
    for being part of my childhood, quite oddly…
    for being goddamn awesome and surviving for a decade
    It’s been an honour to participate in the history of this army, and I’m deeply saddened by the end of this but, y’know, it had to happen I guess. Nothin lasts forever I guess, and we’ll have to deal with stuff like that later in life. Im gonna take this as an opportunity to see everyone from the past cpa times again for probably the last time and, to at last, live my life free from distraction
    thank yallz n gudbye

  16. Remember the fallen. It’s sad this game has come to an end. I started playing in 5th grade and now I’m 20 about to be 21. I’ve seen so many people come and go. I’ve met so many friends through club penguin armies that I sadly don’t talk to anymore. My name was Talyor455 aka Tal i was really addicted to club penguin armies and was on a lot. I visit the chats once in a while to see whos on. I love you all and I hope you all live a good life. There is more to life then this game that we all spent hours/days on. Feel free to message me! Probably will be my last post ever on this site.
    Your Former ACP 3ic
    Steam/Instagram: Trex925

  17. kk!

  18. I haven’t been here as long as the rest of you so i don’t really have as much memories or connections with this community , but damn, gonna miss you all.

    thanks for bearing with my shit for so long, dont know what i would’ve done without acp ❤


  20. I haven’t been here as long as the rest of you all so i don’t really have that many memories or connections with this community, but damn, gonna miss y’all

    honestly I really don’t know what i would’ve done without acp and the people this army introduced me to, thanks :

  21. You guys made the right choice.

  22. Army of Club Penguin has always been the strongest and longest lasting army in Club Penguin. It continues to effect hundreds of soldiers who dedicated hours and months and years to this wonderful army. As with most of us, we are here to stay until ACP is shutdown. ACP is the first and the only Club Penguin army I will and have been in. Thanks to Boomer, Oagal, Flip, Edwin, Slider, and to many others that I didn’t mention. Special thanks to Boomer for recruiting me to this great army. I will never forget those years and memories of ACP. We all will remember the lulz and the defending of our great and glorious army. – Aeropos

  23. It’s been a blast playing this game for quite a while now, and making friends, and the game wouldn’t been any better without you guys

  24. This was the first Club Penguin army I ever joined under the name of Alex McG, and I’d like to let you all know how much I’m going to miss this army, which at one point in my life was like family to me. I’m going to miss you all, and ACP, in my opinion, is the best army on Club Penguin.

  25. It had to happen someday. Thank you ACP. You contributed in making me who I am today.

  26. Wow. Can’t believe its time for the ending. Been here since 2009 and I will miss all the people I’ve met throughout this journey. There were good and bad times in this experience of CP armies but it will forever be my childhood. ACP was my main focus in CP armies and its a shame everything that was done througouht the years of myself and others will be gone and distant memories. Thank you ACP and the rest of the community mainly my friends I met for making this ride a blast. -Bigmail Former ACP 2ic.

  27. Well it was fun joining this army in 2011 and leading it in 2014. RIP ACP.

  28. Don’t know what to say, but l will miss this army greatly… l remember the good old days in the Army of Club Penguin and it has been soooooooo long ever since then. I know how ACP feels right now, but that doesn’t solve the fact that ACP wasn’t any better, no no. I will miss this army a lot. I remember more than half of the ACP leaders that led this army. I love you Cas. ❤

  29. Hey it’s Chase50. I’m sad to see ACP go even All armies. I thought many times of re joining even recently I guess this is good bye love you lots my Xbox gamer tag is Fitz Chase11 if anyone wants to reconnect. Goodbye love you lots.

  30. Hey guys I have to admit I am deeply saddened bye the closing of ACP. I assume you this is not the end I love this game and so do all of you. Hey if anyone wants to reconnect my Xbox gamer tag is Fitz Chase 11 love you lots goodbye my friends.

    • The site and chat will likely continue being active. I’ll be working along with others to release interesting posts with a common theme of inspiring world peace and tolerance. Of course, the posts will not stray far from our root Club Penguin [Army] culture.

  31. Couldn’t be bothered to get my old login info but I wanted to say some words.

    I joined ACP back in 09, stayed around for a decent amount of time. As cringe as it might be to me to think about sometimes, I can’t say I didn’t have fun and make some great friends with Club Penguin and the ACP. I was much more of a recluse back then so the internet was my only real friend. I’ll never forget FoxCPNews, or playing board game online with everyone, and the many battles and events we had on Club Penguin. Thanks all who made those times as memorable as they were, and I hope those who are still young lead successful and fulfilling lives, and old farts like me have achieved what they wanted so far.

    -Speeder109, that one guy who tried to redo ACPTV but it sucked

  32. Never forget ACP

  33. probably no one here knows who i am and i havent been on this website in years but its been lit bois

  34. no one remembers me probably and the last time ive been on this website was like 4 years ago but its been lit

  35. aaaand I dual posted. nice.

  36. Late to the table, but well said, Flip. Thanks for writing this.

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