Final Weekend Event: Breeze @ClubPenguin #ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

Today we logged onto the server Breeze, at 3pm EST for the final weekend event, before Club Penguin completely shuts down. Today, during the event we was able to have a maximum of 15+ on Club Penguin. And everyone stayed active, and did the tactics through out the event. Here are some pics of the event. Photo Creds, goes to Sonic and Bam.

Pic By Bam

Great job ACP, and continue to keep up the good work! Even though it’s soon gonna be the end of Club Penguin, it does not mean it’s gonna be the last of the ACP. We will continue our journey further on in life, and possibly move to a CPPS, and continue to grow there. I hope to see all of you at our final event!


Until Now,


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  1. I came

  2. *to the CPPS

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