For those that don’t know or remember me I’m a former ACP leader and one of the Guardians of ACP.

These days most of the updates and requests I receive are through still active friends and retired members of the community, which brings me to this post.

I’ve started to hear unsettling and uncomfortable news about a certain soldier in ACP: Noka.

I’ve heard how he breaks the chat rules when no other owners are on. How he loves to fight troops on chat. And, this is the worst one, the uncomfortable and inappropriate comments and actions he makes towards the underage female members of this army.

This behavior is uncalled for and shouldn’t be allowed for any members of the army, but especially not for someone with a leadership rank in the army and ownership on chat. This behavior has made members of the army and community uncomfortable, it has lost us good troops that didn’t want to suffer the daily harassment, and has brought down the image and respect our army should represent and bring.

Proof? Just look below! Remember, Noka is 18+, all of the individuals in these pictures that he speaks with/harasses are not:

Causing troops to leave (Katty was 15 when this happened, Noka is in his 20’s):


This is harassment and inappropriate conversation for someone of any age, but especially for someone underage. n1jcqoj


And when these people ask him to stop, nothing happens!


So, what do I think should happen?

First of all, I’m an deeply sorry to all individuals who have been made uncomfortable and have been harassed. I am sorry this is the first time any sort of major punishment or retribution has occurred. I am sorry that this hasn’t been stopped sooner, and I am sorry any of you had to deal with this harassment for so long.

Which leads me to this, the punishment:

  • Noka will be banned forever, as an owner, on the ACP chat. This will prevent mods and other owners from unbanning him
    • DONEmxkrqmi
  • Noka is hereby stripped of any rank he has in ACP and is not allowed to rejoin the army in any capacity.
    • DONE: Removed from ranks
  • Noka will be removed from the ACP site.
    • DONE
  • Noka is to be banned from ACP kik group chat by an admin (Mondo or Mchappy)

Thank you for reading this and again, my deepest apologies for those who have been affected.


25 Responses

  1. First things first, in the kik message I was not saying that I’d like to have sexual relations with Katty, and even if I was I am actually younger then her. As for Noka I think he should be punished but not this extreme. Noka is already being punished by not getting the leadership ranked he worked 8 years for, I don’t think we should rub salt into the should and ban him from everything, some things maybe but not everything.

    • “Not getting leadership” is not a punishment. Getting leadership has always been a privilege. I appreciate Noka’s been in the ACP for a long time – an extraordinary amount of time – but that does give him an entitlement to leadership.

    • Time in an army or organization does not guarantee rank. Leader isn’t a right, and saying that Noka is punished for not getting leader is simply not a punishment but a fault of his own for not ever reaching the standards and qualities needed to become a good leader.

      I also don’t think you realize that he didn’t just start doing/saying these things, he’s been doing/saying these things for a while now. Currently the earliest incident I heard was from 2011.

      Do you really want a leader with this personality, being a role model by harassing individuals? I don’t.

      • Do I want him leadee? Yes.
        For how long? 24 hours.
        Then do I ever want to hear from him again? Absolutly not.

  2. well that was shocking…

  3. Noka was a simple guy, he sees females, he gets horny!

  4. The fact you would banish somebody who has been in ACP for almost a fucking DECADE who has sat in your shitty rank system and not once asked for a rank because of a stupid comment he made on a KIK CHAT? How is noka doing 😛 making her uncomfortable? If anyones disgusted, it’s me. There’s 3 days left and you decide to banish him now? People said you were an asshole, but jesus. inb4 my comment doesnt even get moderated

  5. okay but like, hes been doing this for years and you’re barely intervening? like im not saying banning him was wrong, im just saying, if you were gonna banish him for this, then i dont understand how it took like 8 years

  6. Also I have one screenshot where Buggins just said “ew” of some reason, and Noka bans him for the reason: “trolling” and idk where he did “troll” anyone? http://prntscr.com/elut25

  7. Why wait so long to banish him? It heaves no purpose since this is ending, and majority of us wont be coming on anymore. lol?

  8. This is what i have to say on this: the retired leader clearly wouldn’t have had to use his time to ban Noka if action was not taken EARLIER. The leaders apparently don’t deem it appropriate to ban Noka. Don’t they know what is best for everyone in ACP of all ranks? So why hesitate or let Noka abuse his power? This post would have been replaced by something else if Noka was banned like a year ago before it put an affect to the army.

    But i can’t really be all negative since Noka is now gone for good and shall forever be. I don’t think he deserves to be in this Army at all and i can see why he never gained his leadership despite his “high rank”.

    – Buggins.

  9. Sorry for the spelling mistake: *If action was taken earlier* 🙂

  10. this has been going on for too long, why? these screenshots have been in circulation for a year now and edwin + mondo haven’t done anything

  11. Shab you are so hot as a girl.


  12. Wait, since noka is banned, He is still 2IC in the chat ranks, i mean like if u go theacp chat, scroll a little down and see the ranks noka is listed as 2IC.

  13. He’s been doing this for years, not sure why it took so long for something to be done about it.

  14. hehe im unbanned nice try though

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