Rockstar1819’s last words/Retirement: The last ACP Ausia Commander

Update: It looks like someone trashed my retirement post. I find it utterly disrespectful because I put my heart and soul in making this special post. So heartless, that I feel like I want to punch the one person who threw it in the bin like garbage, with my anger out. I told Shab about this and he said the things I need to restore and it appears to work[sorta].

Update 2: I restored my post after the incident, it appears that the comments were deleted and I couldn’t do anything to salvage it back though I still have the comments in my comment notification.

Edit: I also added Chances by Five for Fighting in the link description below. An emotional song dedicated just for you down below, enjoy!

I know this is gonna be a long long… post but this is shared to my insights and reflections before retiring on March 29th. Please bear with me or just for one last time. 

My final message:

I know this is a tough decision to make but I had to. It’s not only the reason because the community will cease from existing any longer but it is my decision because I have nothing left to do, not as a leader, but I want to end my career in a more sincere way. I lead AUSIA with all I can and what I have in my arsenal. I’m satisfied with leading this honorable and prestigious division. How come? Ever since first one day, I had doubts to myself that I wouldn’t do anything for a change, in the end, I did what I have to do before retiring once more. Now, here I am standing as your leader maybe not the “most” perfect but hardworking and loyal comrade, retiring before your eyes.

I don’t know what say, really, but it was all worth it. I got the chance to lead and retired as a proud one. Simply put that from a private to becoming the last of the ACP Ausia’s Commander, can you believe that? Like I said, it all comes to hardwork and determination. No matter how many haters I had and kept on back-clashing at me. I simply didn’t give in, of course. It was my fierce and guts who made me fired up my soul and the reason why I made this post; thus surviving til the end. All those hates made me stronger because of hatred, I expressed my greatest respect to them even though we are miles apart from being friends.

And yes, there’s the armies ending. I don’t care about that. Why? This is not just a game but a community who strive to survive desperately and gracefully in it’s pace. It’s not because we did, it is the people who made it who they want to be in this community, either bad or good. I learned something that a norm leader can do and it is from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from a saying goes, “If you treat your brothers right, they will follow you, even through the deepest valley.”

I truly agree with that, all the troops who stayed during my term as leader. It matches with quotes because you are truly great troop, remember that! I cannot simply say thank you enough for being there and even in it’s darkest hours. We did pretty good, I gotta admit. Life can treat you better if you do the same, same thing applies if you treat it improperly. So, it also reflects on what we do to everyday because it’s not the same as “deja vu” would be expected, sadly no. I believe there is more than just gaming and fun but the moral lessons, as it told me of ambitions to achieving it or create bonds that would even last forever. I want you to start a fresh new adventure. Whether what goals you pursue, any dreams you dreamed of, ideals that can change the world. Try to make them come true at least and you’ll be happy, even if it’s impossible, try and try again. I tell you; dreams do can true if you believe.

"If you can dream it, [then] you can do it."

~Walt Disney

***Credits for Linkin Park for making an outstanding piece***

A little brief story in my experience as part of CPA.

Honestly, I joined Club Penguin in 29th of August 2011 as Rockstar1819(old account, eventually deleted) despite being young, new and all. My account was made on November 10, 2011 . I didn’t know much then. Then fast forward, I found armies in December 2013 when I was strolling Club Penguin on server Tuxedo and eventually ending on RPF Site as the first army I discovered; though never joined them sadly and ended up here, my home army. The Army of Club Penguin.

The others details are on this are found on this post as well during my first retirement as 3ic in my first trial. Too lazy to write the rest, you can click it here.

After that. I decided to make a come back on October 18th 2016 as a 5ic and later on as a 3ic and retires to this day [Actual date is March 29th].

Here are the official links to the introduction as your returning troop and later on the last Ausia Divisional Commander:

Later on, here I am standing tall, saying to you all these words because I want to tell you that you should never give up and keep moving forward. Let go what hurts you and look on the bright side. As a retiree, I may not be your typical penguin[person] that I can inspire and tell what and what you shouldn’t do, like a father, saying to you that I will always love you and be supportive on whatever you doing, I can because it’s for your own good. I’m sorry if it ends this way but deep inside I am happy retiring with no regrets.

Before I end this post, I just wanted to say: good luck and stay strong. I don’t need to mention friends and enemies because you know you are dedicated to this message I included. So, no need for that.

As for the last time,



Retired ACP Ausia 3ic 

Last ACP Ausia Commander.

Signing off.


29 Responses

  1. i’m gonna miss u rocky

  2. Sorry about what happened to your post.

  3. Ok the comments deleted before the incident:
    Skipper233’s comment:

    “I’m gonna miss you the most, Rock.” ~Skipper233
    Answer: I will miss you as well.

    Purpleslime4’s comment:

    “I’m gonna miss ya man- thanks for all the madness and the slapping whenever I’m online xD You sure have served the AUSIA force well and I wish ya luck in the future! hey now ur a rockstar get ur game on go playyyy.” -Purpleslime4
    Answer: Well you know, I’m go two person when it comes to gaming and I’ll miss you too ;P

    Bandage23’s comment:
    “Good luck and I wish you a lot of success in your future endeavours, my friend!.” ~Bandage23
    Answer: Thank you and I wish you the same as well.

    Chuck Falay’s comment:
    “Good luck Rock with your future endeavors. It was good to know you and your service to the ACP appreciated.” ~Chuck Falay
    Answer: Thank you and same to you.

    Madonna’s comment:
    “Rock to be hnest, I will miss you a lot. I mean there were other Ausia leaders, but none were like you. You encouraged me when every other person had hate for me, and idk what I am going to do coz I am too young right now, also I made so many friends from CP and CPA!! Others are maybe going for higher education, and I am still thinking what will I do…. Anyways, Rock, Good Luck for everything in your life, and just remember me…. ” ~Madonna
    Answer: I will and thank you for being there all the time.

    Earthing’s comment:
    “Goodluck in real life Rockstar!
    I am happy that you served and lead one of the last Ausia divisions in CP armies and left a mark 🙂
    Seeing you being transformed from a newbie and innocent kid in CP armies into a respectable and glorious AUSIA leader is simply wonderful.” ~Earthing
    Answer: Thanks for that kind comment, I will miss you as well.😥

  4. Bye Rock! 😦

  5. Great dude, I’ll miss you man!

  6. Well i will miss you the last few days of ACP: good luck with life 🙂

    • I wanna hangout with you for last time, not as comrade but as best friends. I simply cannot thank you for being there supporting even through my biggest peers. you gave that encouragement to make us friendship stronger, I believe it isn’t a friendship as a term but a bond. Thank you and God bless!

  7. Goodbye Rock! Thank you for your service to the ACP and thanks for all the fun moments (kek!). All the best for your future and hope we can meet often

  8. 🙂 Have a nice day Rock!! ^^

  9. Will miss you forever Brother/Oppa/Onii-chan. Never forget your sis.Stay happy and always remember CP. because CP deserves to be remembered.Even the members.Love you Brother. I had great times with you forgetting you would be just impossible. I still remember how we met and will never forget that moment of all of my friends. you were a great person. Stay Happy always!


  10. I’m gonna miss you Rock. Hope you pop into the chat every once in a while. Good luck with your real life!

  11. Hey Rock,
    Thanks for coming back after all of those years and for eventually leading the AUSIA division. I’m sure there were difficult times, but I’m glad you stuck through with it. Your determination and perseverance are qualities that I admire, and I hope that they’ll serve you well in your life in achieving your lifelong goals.
    Take care buddy, and I hope to see you again someday.
    Thanks for being the last AUSIA commander of the ACP.

    – Flipmoo

  12. Wow Rock, man, this is it! You have such great determination and it seems like when you put your mind to something, it’s set. Thumbs up all the way for that kind of quality! I had the chance to see you rise up through the ranks and to me it seemed like it more on chat on getting to owner! To be known as the last AUSIA commander of the Army of Club Penguin is an honor (well, of course you can’t put it on a resume though 🙂 ).

    Thanks for your hard work in ACP! Take care in life as you go through it, with many blessings! For now,

    ~ACP Bob

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